Hope Springs

8:30pm Monday, September 28 on Prime


Having confirmed the dead body is that of Marius, Gil questions the shamed women – he wants the truth. Ellie confesses: they’re four ex convicts on the run. However, there’s worse to come when Gil’s points out that two Scotland Yard detectives are on their way to Hope Springs to find the women. As the villagers rally, Gil releases the women and resigns from his post.

With Ellie’s help, Ann Marie gives birth to a healthy, baby boy but her continuous rants about Euan and the floorboards have got Ellie worried. Just as she discovers Euan killed Billy, Roy turns up. He needs both their fingerprints for the account they opened in the Cayman Islands containing fifteen million quid. Concerned, the women ambush Roy and in a tussle he’s shot.

With Roy’s frozen finger on ice, the women head for the Cayman Islands – the rest of their lives start here. But at the bank vault there’s a problem and Ellie and Hannah find themselves in trouble when alarms blare, red lights flash and grilles crash down leaving them trapped. Are the girls back to square one?

8:30pm Monday, September 21 on Prime


As the new owner of the Hotel, Ann Marie’s up for a quick sale – she’s planning her dream move to Edinburgh. With Ann Marie as their new boss, the women agree to an early pay day in exchange for sucking up to her potential buyers – old friend David and his younger flamboyant partner Flavio. Smelling trouble, the women hatch various plans to show these city slickers how dangerous living in the country really is.

When Marius’s body is found in the loch, the women are reminded they have to get out of Hope Springs – pronto. Discovering Shoo’s hidden their passports, Ellie’s furious but at least this gives them a means of escape.

When Ann Marie hands them a paltry fifteen pounds for their hard work, they hold her hostage taking back their money. Turning to leave, they realise they’re all tied to Hope Springs in some way – including a pregnant Shoo. Ellie knows staying is too much of a risk, but Gil stops them – they’re going nowhere.

8:30pm Monday, September 14 on Prime


Marius’s car is showing signs of visibility in the loch – the women have got to get out of Hope Springs. Sadie phones Bronius – her Lithuanian passport contact; he’ll deliver their passports today. There’s a slight problem – he’s demanding more money. Ellie tempts him with a game of poker – they can win those passports back.

The women fix the game to make sure they win, but Euan and Ann Marie manage to outsmart Ellie and she loses the hotel. At least the women have their passports, or so they think.

But nothing can prepare them for Ronan’s confession – he killed Billy. To the women’s horror, they discover the police are going to drag the loch. But Billy’s body is not all they’ll find, there’s also a dead Marius stuffed in the boot of his rental car. They’re back to where they started, but worse.

8:30pm Monday, September 7 on Prime


It’s the day of Ann Marie and Gil’s wedding and having discovered the women are convicts on the run, Sadie’s been taken prisoner in her own bedroom. As a cover, she’s forced to write postcards to Ann Marie from her ‘impromptu’ holiday in Australia.

His kiss with Ellie still playing heavily on his mind, Gil has second thoughts about his impending marriage to Ann Marie. The ceremony gets underway without a hitch, but a shocked Ellie discovers Euan’s been having an affair with Ann Marie.

To make matters worse, Shoo announces her engagement to Dean, but that’s the least of the women’s worries. When Marius turns up, things are about to get very nasty – he’s brought his gun along for company.

8:30pm Monday, August 31 on Prime


With the news of Nathan’s murder, the women believe Roy’s on to them and urgently need to leave Hope Springs. With no money for passports, they have no choice but to steal other people’s identities. Ellie’s found her double and Josie and Shoo plan to disguise themselves as a loved up Irish couple. But believing Ina’s an abused wife, Hannah’s scuppers their escape plans – she’s not leaving, Ina needs her.

Misinterpreting a news report, the women believe Marius didn’t kill Nathan so it’s safe to stay until Sadie discovers they’ve stolen her money and threatens to call the police – they have no option but to take her prisoner.

8:30pm Monday, August 24 on Prime


Shoo unknowingly discovers missing Billy McKenzie’s phone and uses it to call Dean. When Gil sees that ‘Billy’ has been calling Dean he’s arrested. To clear Dean’s name, Shoo anonymously hands the phone in. Ellie’s outraged – it’s got their fingerprints all over it. But they successfully steal the phone back and Ellie ‘discovers’ the SIM ensuring Gil still has his invaluable evidence.

When, an Environmental Health Officer threatens to close hotel down, Ellie suspects foul play. Back at Gil’s, Ann Marie’s got something to tell him. She hands him the print outs from her ‘search’ on the women – Ellie Williams is a total fraud.

8:30pm Monday, August 17 on Prime


After the hotel fire burnt their three million pounds, the women are stranded without cash. After numerous attempts to make money, the women turn to their last resort – Sadie’s two hundred thousand pounds. But there’s a problem, Sadie’s about to be the owner of a brand new luxury flat.

To make matters worse, Shoo’s left Hope Springs and run into the arms of ex-boyfriend Nathan. When she discovers he set her up, she returns to Hope Springs. But unbeknownst to the women, Nathan’s about to give Marius the lead he’s been waiting for.

8:30pm Monday, August 10 on Prime


Hope Springs is a vibrant and funny eight part drama about four fabulous ex-cons trying to go straight. The series centres on Ellie (Alex Kingston ER, Doctor Who), Hannah (Sian Reeves Cutting It), Josie and Shoo as they embark on the final stage of their long-held plan to live out the rest of their lives on a beach in Barbados, courtesy of £3 million stolen from Ellie’s violent and vengeful gangster husband.

However, by a cruel twist of fate, the glamorous girls end up in hiding in Hope Springs, a stunning small Scottish Highland village, without any money, any passports or indeed any hope. But little do they know that Hope Springs is going to change their lives forever.

Hope Springs is about losing millions and finding them again, falling in love in unlikely places, making a home and chasing your dreams. But, most of all, it’s about finding a real family amongst friends.