Hotel Inspector

8:30pm Saturday, February 18 on TV One

Tonight, hotel royalty Alex Polizzi faces a battle of wills in the Herefordshire hills as she goes head to head with the owner of an idiosyncratic, environmentally friendly B & B.

Duncan Stayton left his job and home in St Albans to open the Hill House B & B, in Ross on Wye, with his partner Alex De Souza and their kids. They dreamed of the good life but 11 years on, Duncan’s discovering it’s not easy being green.

Despite a small loyal clientele, the B & B makes meagre profits and with Alex out at work to help make ends meet, Duncan’s run ragged managing Hill House single-handed.

But, although Duncan’s called on the help of the glamorous Ms Polizzi, he seems less than willing to accept her criticism or follow her advice. Could Hill House be an uphill struggle for the Hotel Inspector?

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8:30pm Saturday, February 11 on TV One

Hotel royalty Alex Polizzi returns to TV ONE in an all new series of The Hotel Inspector.

Have you ever stayed at a guest house and thought the service was lousy, the decor outdated or the food preparation simply lazy? Well, the Hotel Inspector is on a mission – to scare the hell out of Britain’s hoteliers and drag the multitudes of under-performing holiday accommodation out of the doldrums and up to a standard more befitting of the nation’s most visited tourist spots.

With the highest standards – and a vicious eye for detail, Alex ruthlessly lifts the lid on the grotty hotel experience: cheap cotton, inferior interiors and atmosphere more akin to a morgue than a place to holiday. Her mission is to assess why an establishment is failing to thrive. And then to encourage, cajole and shame the owner into rethinking their service.

In tonight’s episode, Alex answers an SOS call from Jon Sweeney, owner of ‘The First in Last Out’, a 17th century pub and B&B which has been plagued by poor reviews – one disgruntled former guest even suggesting it might be the ‘worst hotel in the UK’.

The Hotel Inspector uncovers a cleaning regime that leaves much to be desired, and after a run-in with a shower room that has a life of its own, she checks out, leaving the ‘First In Last Out’ with the distinction of being the first establishment she’s ever refused to sleep in. The glamorous Polizzi is no quitter, but will the ‘First In Last Out’ be too big a challenge even for the Hotel Inspector?

Missed an episode of Hotel Inspector? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click ‘on demand’.