When TV3 offered us the chance to take an advanced look at their new comedy, Hounds, from the makers of 7Days, we thought it would be crazy to say no.  While trying to keep the haunting success of 7Days out of our minds, we sat down to watch the entire season.

There were definitely laugh out loud moments, and plenty of them.  Overall, I did enjoy the show however, at the end of every episode I felt torn over my opinion of it. Continue reading »

From the creators of hit local comedy, 7 Days, new series Hounds follows the fortunes of a shiftless lawyer, his half-sister and an alcoholic dog trainer who are trying to live under one roof and make good on the track.

Will (Toby Sharpe) is struggling at his law firm. His heart isn’t in it and he is making mistakes at work. But one day everything changes. His Dad dies, leaving him half a house; a half-sister Lily (Susana Tang); a greyhound racing dog named Lundybainwatson; and its unpredictable trainer Marty (Mick Innes). Continue reading »

Long-time David Bain supporter Joe Karam has successfully had the name of a dog changed in a new comedy series.

Hounds featured a greyhound called Lundybainwatson, in reference to three of New Zealand’s most well-known convicted murderers, Mark Lundy, David Bain and Scott Watson.

Karam complained to TV3 after seeing advertising material for the series, saying it was wrong to include Bain’s name due to the fact he was acquitted of the 1994 murder of his family in 2009.

“It was wrong to include David between the names of two people who were convicted of extremely bad offences,” Mr Karam told The Herald on Sunday. Continue reading »