house of cards

house-of-cards-1_edited-1I’ve just had it confirmed to me that House of Cards won’t be available on the New Zealand service when Netflix when launches here on the 24th of March. Despite the hit series leaving Foxtel for the Australian service, the same hasn’t happened in New Zealand.

It is believed that Lightbox has the series, which released internationally last Friday. We weren’t able to get comment from Lightbox at the time of publishing.

Some people say there’s too much pork in this town. Frank Underwolf could not agree more. And that is why Mr. Underwolf is on a mission to huff and puff and blow down all the little pigs’ houses. In this town, you have to know which way the wind is blowing, and unfortunately, for those little piggies, it’s about to get very windy.

Netflix have released the key art for the soon to be released third season of House of Cards.

I cannot wait!

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It’s one of the biggest days on the TV calendar today as the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards are handed out in Hollywood. Join us at 12pm for live coverage of the event.

Today I have a look at the nominations for Best Actress in a Drama Series:

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series

Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey – Prime)

Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife – TV3)

Claire Danes (Homeland – SOHO)

Robin Wright (House of Cards – TV3)

Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex – SOHO)

Kerry Washington (Scandal – TV2)

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A close race this year is the Outstanding Drama race. This year the nominees are

Outstanding Drama Series – Channel it screens in NZ in brackets

Breaking Bad (SOHO)

Downton Abbey (Prime)

Game Of Thrones (SOHO)

House Of Cards (TV3)

Mad Men (SOHO)

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house-of-cardsWith streaming content becoming more and more readily available to consumers, binge watching of TV shows is not only easier, it’s more fun. Like being unable to put down a good book, binge watching allows you to watch “just one more episode” before bed versus having to wait another week before broadcast schedules catch up with yours.

Netflix changed the world in this regard by publishing full seasons of their original content online in a single hit as opposed to an episode week over multiple months.

Now we’re starting to see a number of studies coming out that look at binge watching and how it is change how we consume media.

About 91% of viewers said they’ve engaged in binge-viewing, according to a survey conducted this spring by TiVo, which defined the behavior as watching three episodes of the same program in a row. And 40% said they’d binged on a show within the past week of the survey. Continue reading »

HOUSE OF CARDSSlowly but surely…

MediaWorks is releasing season two of House of Cards as a 3NOW box set. The acclaimed Netflix show begins its second season on TV3 this Sunday (10.30pm on May 25), and all 13 episodes will be available to watch on 3NOW for 28 days.

When House of Cards premiered on TV3 in February, MediaWorks treated viewers to a box set release of the first series as part of the launch of video-on-demand service 3NOW. House of Cards quickly became the network’s #1 VOD programme. To date, more than 230,000 episodes of the series have been watched via 3NOW. Continue reading »