House Of Tiny Tearaways

88.1% of parents dont need a law change they need a brain .

if you watch the following programs on TV

House Of Tiny Tearaways, Little Angels, Supernanny you will see how to bring up your children without smacking them and WITHOUT KILLING THEM.

Thursday 4 September, 1.30pm

Beginning weekdays on TV2, House Of Tiny Tearaways sees families who have rebellious children with acute behavioural problems move into a specially-constructed house for a week of observation and mentoring from presenter and child psychologist Tania Byron.

Within this intensive environment, the children quickly spiral out of control. The parents come to sometimes shocking self-realisations about their parental shortcomings and poor family relationships, before Tanya guides them to the solutions.
Both shocking and entertaining all at once, this is ultimately a heart-warming television starting on Thursday at 1.30pm on TV2.