How Clean is Your House?

How Clean Is Your House? Wednesday 23 May, 8pm

Carolyn Jones and Evon Blackwell-Chin continue their mission against muck on tonight’s episode of ‘How Clean Is Your House?’ (at 8pm on TV ONE). The pristine pair head to Hamilton, where they visit the home of twin brothers Nik and Ben Gilby, whose girlfriends are refusing to visit until the pair clean up their act.

Nik and Ben are farm labourers who not only share the same birthday, they also see eye-to-eye on the cleaning – they don’t do it! So while their day job means hard labour in the fields, wild horses won’t get these siblings scrubbing indoors. It looks like a hurricane has hit this home, but it’s nothing compared to cyclone Carolyn Jones.
When it comes to grime offending, Jones says she dislikes dirty kitchens: “My pet hate is dirty dishes not done and clutter on kitchen benches, stove tops not wiped over, tacky microwaves and fridges, stinky dish cloths and mucky things on the kitchen cupboards and fridge doors!”

Evon Blackwell-Chin agrees: “A dirty filthy kitchen would just drive me up the walls. This is the area where food is prepared, so hygiene is a must or everyone will be visiting the hospital soon.”

Carolyn’s Top Five Cleaning Tips For Busy Kiwis:

1: Never be embarrassed to let people know that you like to live in a clean home. And make sure they respect that.

2: Reserve at least one hour each day to keep on top of all jobs that make your home look clean.

3: Keep clutter contained and to a minimum and DUST DUST DUST!

4: Keep shoes for outdoors. Don’t allow people to bring the outdoors in.

5: It’s the little things that count. Always make your beds, do your dishes, keep benches tidy and things straight.

Evon’s Top Five Cleaning Tips For Busy Kiwis:

1: If you accidentally spill something on your carpet, quickly blot as much spill as possible with a clean cloth or paper towel. Do not attempt to clean it with any cleaning agent/products, they will only ‘lock’ in the spill, making it a permanent stain. The next time your carpets are professionally cleaned, the stains will usually come off easily.

2: Always keep a packet of baby wipes handy – they are fabulous for quick cleans.

3: Daily cleaning is a fact of life: putting things in their right places, dirty dishes into the dishwasher, dirty clothes into the hamper, trash taken out and toys put away.

4: Designate a “Clutter Area”, where it is okay to throw things. This area can then be sorted and cleared out every week. Remember less clutter = easier to clean/tidy up.

5: Last but not least, if you really don’t have the time, hire someone to wash your toilet/bathroom, clean your kitchen, vacuum your floor and water your plants weekly. Trust me, you need these things done at least once a week!

How Clean Is Your House? Wednesday 9 May, 8pm

Cleaning experts Evon Blackwell-Chin and Carolyn Jones take hopeless homeowners by the hand and show them the way to cleaning nirvana in a new series of ‘How Clean Is Your House?’ (tonight at 8pm on TV ONE).

The dirt-destroying divas start by finding out how things got so bad; they take their victims to task and expose the bad habits of a lifetime that have led to a life in rooms of doom. It’s not just what lurks on the surface (and under the couch) that will shock and disgust.
The series premiere sees the Queens of Clean tackle one of their biggest challenges yet – a Helensville home that houses a barrage of horrific grime crimes. On the road again, Jones and Blackwell-Chin head to a rural retreat on the Kaipara Harbour where mother Steph tries to juggle her six kids (the seventh has just flown the nest) but clearly, cleaning is not a priority.

The house, less than a year old, looks vaguely promising but the modern exterior conceals the noise, filth and chaos about to be discovered. Despite building having recently been completed, it now looks more like a demolition site.

Steph, a self-confessed organiser, runs her life through a diary. Constantly on the phone arranging appointments, she is surrounded in the house by organisational charts, rosters and job lists. Despite this encouraging system, Steph’s house is a complete disaster.

Her few attempts to control the mess with brightly coloured cleaning rosters and individually named towel hooks might be all very well, but by the state of the bathroom, it looks like Steph and the kids have quite literally thrown in the towel. The base of the toilet is sticky with urine and the walls and shower look in need of a very good scrub.

The bedrooms aren’t any better – the kids have perfectly adequate storage but nothing is put away. Steph’s bedroom stinks of cigarettes and the mouldy food she has littered about. Her bed linen is so filthy, Jones and Blackwell-Chin are heard to remark that they’d rather sleep on a park bench!

The family living room has crusty old plates scattered about, discarded food, dust, grubby couches and stained carpet. While an attempt has been made to clean the kitchen, the floor is covered in food scraps. The bench is littered with dirty dishes and the fridge is full of old leftovers, a thick syrup of meat blood and a manky old newspaper used as a fridge lining.

A small calf has taken up residence in the backyard amongst a dumping ground of junk and rubbish and its manure is trodden through the house – a very sad case of indoor/outdoor flow. This home in Helensville is more like Horrorville. Plenty of elbow grease will be needed to shift 12 months worth of faecal matter from this floor.

Jones and Blackwell-Chin may have arrived just in time to save the house from the squalor, another few months and it could have well come crumbling down under the sheer weight of dirt.

Starts Wednesday 9 May, 8pm on

An all new series of the grime-fighting reality show! In the first episode, The Queens of Clean, Carolyn Jones and Evon Blackwell-Chin, tackle one of their biggest challenges yet – a Helensville home that houses a barrage of horrific grime crimes.

TV ONE SMASH HIT, HOW CLEAN IS YOUR HOUSE? needs people to star in Series Two which will go to air later this year.

No cleaning job too big or small! Gunge, grime, mould, mildew, mites and cockroaches…the bigger the mess the greater the test!

The show’s producers are looking for families, students, singles, parents, superannuitants….in fact, anyone too busy to get a grip with cleaning, or just overwhelmed by their horrific household.