How I met your dad

441476-how-i-met-your-dadFans who were hopeful of the spin off to How I Met Your Mother getting picked up by CBS may be in for some bad news. CBS has passed on the new series How I Met Your Dad.

Deadline reported

CBS’ option on HIMYD expires today, so, unless a miracle happens, the project is dead at CBS. 20th TV, which has been very bullish on the pilot, plans to shop it to other networks, and I hear it already has received interest. I hear the studio is looking to make a decision over the next week, with executives confident that HIMYD would go to series somewhere. Continue reading »

How I Met Your Dad suffers first casting casualty

Krysta Rodriguez, who was to play one of the leads in the CBS spin off of How I Met Your Mother is leaving the pilot.  Rodriguez was to play Sally’s best friend Juliet, a sexy, flamboyant force of nature who runs the most successful fashion blog in the country but the character underwent changes after the table read.

Vikings to return for a third season Continue reading »

441476-how-i-met-your-dadWith How I Met Your Mother coming to an end after nine seasons, CBS are casting a pilot for their new comedy How I Met Your Dad.

Nick D’Agosto and Andrew Santino will join Greta Gerwig in the new comedy along side Drew Tarver and Krysta Rodriguez.

The show tells a “HIMYM”-esque story from a female point of view (Gerwig’s character of Sally). D’Agosto will play Frank, Juliet’s (Rodriguez) coworker who falls for Sally, while Santino will take the role of Danny, an uptight lawyer and Sally’s older brother.  Continue reading »