How To Have Sex After Marriage

Tuesday 1 July, 9.30pm

How To Have Sex After Marriage (starting tonight at 9.30pm on TV ONE) aims to be a modern guide to married sex that couples can watch together without fear of embarrassment, to gain a real understanding of how to reignite the passion in their relationship.

We live in a culture saturated with sex. In movies we marvel at scenes of beautiful actors entwined; internet blogs reveal sordid tales of serial shaggers; books tell us how to have multiple orgasms hanging from chandeliers; and our celebrity magazines catalogue the tangled love lives of our favourite stars.
But there is a crisis in Britain’s bedrooms. Ordinary people are just not bonking. They’re too tired, too stressed, too fat, too lazy or just too plain bored of their partners to have sex. And while they are happy to talk about celebrities doing it, talking about their own sex lives is still a big taboo.

How To Have Sex After Marriage aims change all that. Each week, a different couple with a non-existent sex life are given the chance to put some passion back in the bedroom.

Each episode begins with some secret snooping from an expert, combined with undercover footage of the couple at home. The couple are then required to spend a week apart, during which time they undergo a ‘sexual education’ intended to reawaken their confidence and desire for their partner. At the end of a week, the couple are reunited for a romantic date. After a week of watching, learning and thinking about sex, how will they rate each other now?

Helping the couples out is therapist, life coach and author Anjula Mutanda; and mentors Cat Townsend (author and sex columnist for The Independent); and Sam Van Rood (lifestyle consultant specialising in flirting, dating and relationships).

In episode one, Canadians Bobby and Chloe Buckley met and fell in love when they were teenagers. Ten years later, they were married in their dream ceremony in glitzy Las Vegas. Like most couples the honeymoon was packed full of exciting and passionate sex. But now, just five years later, it’s a very different story. Bobby and Chloe have gone from having sex virtually every night to almost never, and on the rare occasions when they do, it’s passionless and predictable.

Anjula and the team give Chloe a masterclass in lap dancing and Bobby gets some hands-on advice when he learns the art of sensual massage. But will it save their marriage?