How To Marry A Prince

VIBE – Saturday 2 August, 7.30pm

Ever dreamt of being a Princess? VIBE presents an informative and entertaining user’s guide for the ordinary girl who wants to fulfil her dreams and marry a real-life Prince! Featuring interviews and advice from the people who know royalty best – their staff and the journalists who write about them – VIBE’s exclusive one-hour special, HOW TO MARRY A PRINCE, uses examples of the real woman who either dated or married into the British Royal family. We’ll tell you what will put you in the race to catch a Prince and what will knock you out of the running. And to make things easy we’ve even split the programme into chapters such as meeting, dating and marrying a Prince, and importantly how to hold on to him once you’ve caught him! Featuring Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s butler; Jean Broke-Smith, Etiquette advisor on American Princess; James Whittaker, Royal correspondent for The Mirror; Christopher Wilson, Royal Biographer; Robert Jobson, Royal Biographer; Ingrid Seward, Editor Majesty Magazine; Sarah Goodhall, Prince Charles secretary; Charlotte Reather, glamorous polo player and Lindka Cierach, Royal couturier.