How to Murder Your Wife


Some of New Zealand’s most dramatic stories are being brought to life this August, with a brand new season of Sunday Theatre dramas airing on TV ONE.

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nz-on-air-logo-300This is kind of good news.  $9,750,182 in funding for more local drama in 2014.  However, this is only for 11 hours.  Compare that price tag to 13 hours of Nothing Trivial ($6,734,000) or 13 hours of Go Girls ($6,672,500) etc.  The final 18 episodes of Outrageous Fortune only cost us $8,612,010.

What would you rather see?  Short 1-2 hour long dramas/mini-series or full season drama?

Three different production houses have won NZ On Air funding for significant new drama projects. Six telefeatures will join NZ On Air’s slate of short and longer-run series currently in production. Continue reading »