Human Wrecking Balls

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Friday 16 October, 4.30pm

In a test of man versus man-made, the Pumphrey brothers test exactly how much Pumphrey an American muscle car is made to withstand. Paul struggles to shoulder ram the driver door off as Craig attempts a death-defying leap from the top of a forklift to cave in the roof. A car flip, not a coin flip, determines who is going head first through the rear windshield, a break that has landed Paul in the emergency room once before.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Thursday 15 October, 4.30pm

The Pumphrey brothers dive into aviation devastation as they permanently ground a large 1972 Cessna aircraft and pulverise the plane with their bare hands. Will the Pumphreys be able to break the tail off without impaling themselves on the sharp metal edges? In a head to head competition, Paul and Craig test their strength while freefalling in a vertical wind tunnel.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Wednesday 14 October, 4.30pm

The Pumphrey brothers put their favourite fairy tale to the test as they destroy three houses made out of three different materials. Paul and Craig play Big Bad Wolves as they huff and puff and blow houses of straw, wood and brick down. Can the brothers succeed where the wolf failed and destroy a house built from solid brick?

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Tuesday 13 October, 4.30pm

For all those 9-to-5ers who are sick of being cooped up in a cubicle all day, the Pumphreys take some workplace frustration out on an office in a downtown high-rise. Craig and Paul plough through cubicles, workstations and ransack the boss’s office. They compete with each other to see who can rip apart a photocopier the quickest.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Monday 12 October, 4.30pm

Hurricane Pumphrey devastates a manufactured home with the power of a Category 5 twister. Paul and Craig leave no furniture, no appliances and certainly no walls un-pulverised as they gut the house from room to room, shredding anything in their path. In a whirlwind of destruction and chaos, the Pumphreys attempt a death-defying dive through the razor-sharp aluminium roof.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Friday 9 October, 4.30pm

The Pumphrey brothers go nautical in this difficult test of man versus man-made in an attempt to smash and submerge a massive thirty-one foot sailboat while in the water. Paul and Craig test the strength of a sea-worthy vessel by ripping up the deck and trashing the cabin. In an hilarious rowboat competition, Craig and Paul paddle out to retrieve 100-pound lobster traps without capsizing their dinghy.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Thursday 8 October, 4.30pm

The Pumphrey brothers make their big screen debut in their own box office blow out. The boys rampage through the ticket booth, the projection room, and take their revenge against outrageous candy prices by levelling the concession stand. In a head to head competition, Paul and Craig race to see who can rip through a row of auditorium seating the fastest.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Wednesday 7 October, 4.30pm

Power bowlers Craig and Paul Pumphrey strike it big in their attempt to bust up a local bowling alley. They get down and dirty as they tear up the lanes and the massive metal pinsetters. The fun escalates when Craig and Paul start to bowl each other down the lanes. It’s man vs. man-made and this time, even the scorekeeper doesn’t stand a chance against the Pumphreys’ power.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Tuesday 6 October, 4.30pm

Paul and Craig Pumphrey visit a local watering hole to inflict more damage than even the worst bar fight. The boys are all about razing the bar, literally. They junk the jukebox, break out of a walk-in refrigerator and flood the lounge with 125 gallons of water from a fish tank blow out. Paul and Craig compete in breaking 40 giant ice slabs with their bare hands.