Totally non-PC, Hurl! is a new game show to air in the US in a few months’ time which will challenge contestants to food-eating competitions to try and win the title of the Iron Stomach Award.

In each episode, five contestants attempt to consume the largest quantity of food in a short amount of time and are then immediately subjected to a series of challenges designed to shake them up. The one to hold his or her food down the longest wins.

Competition stage 1: eat as much as possible

Contestants are challenged to consume a massive portion of some popular All-American favorite, as quickly as they can, with items ranging from chicken pot pies to New England chowder, fish sticks, hot dogs, blueberry pie, and more. Those who devour the largest quantity and keep everything down move on to the second stage.

Competition stage 2: do crazy physical challenges and not throw up

Contestants face nausea-inducing physical challenges, designed to shake them up from carnival rides to belly flops off a high dive, to mechanical bull-riding.

Competition stage 3: eat more food

The few survivors remaining who have held on to their stomachs are forced back to the food table, where they must gorge an additional serving of a surprising new menu item.

In a comedic and gag-inspiring display, the remaining few desperately try to prevent themselves from getting sick.

Competition stage 4: tie breaker

If the competition is still underway after the second round of eating, they advance to the final tie-breaker stage, heading back to the daunting physical challenge. And this time, for added pressure, the physical challenge introduces a surprise twist, making the final stage especially difficult.

Viewers will “laugh and cringe” their way through the half-hour show as they witness the eliminations of contestants who can no longer avoid the inevitable queasiness and the often messy celebrations of the new champions.