I Know What You Ate Last Summer

LIVING CHANNEL – Tuesdays from 23 December, 10.30pm

They are utterly inactive, socially awkward, suffering anxiety, depression or worse, and are quite literally eating themselves to death. They represent the quarter of British kids – 22% of boys and 28% of girls – who are overweight or obese. What they need is a stint at the most advanced weight loss camp in the world – Wellspring Western Adventures. Eight obese British teens are given the knowledge, skills, and the kick-start they need to change their lives forever. They will binge eat, hide food in their rooms, lie about their intake and never exercise voluntarily. But after 8 weeks at Wellspring they will be transformed, physically -and emotionally.

Saturday 20 September, 1pm

Seven weeks ago, the six overweight British teens on I Know What You Ate Last Summer turned their backs on fast food to embark on an innovative course in the Californian wilderness, combining food monitoring, counselling and fun exercise.

But it’s not been easy. The teens have camped, hiked and moaned their way round the Golden state. In this final episode, they now have just one week left before returning home – but will they have learnt enough to say no to temptation?

Faced with their final hiking challenge, Adam has once again develops a mystery ailment and refuses to budge. But with a trip to the doctor and no physical signs of illness, he’s forced to confront his psychological issues.

The kids then say goodbye to the camp and we catch up with them two months on to see if they keep to the diet and exercising, or revert back into fast food binging couch potatoes.

Saturday 30 August, 1pm

TV2’s I Know What You Ate Last Summer follows six overweight British teenagers who say goodbye to junk food for eight weeks and embark on a pioneering wilderness weight loss course in California. It’s a last ditch attempt for these couch potatoes to change their attitude to food and exercise.

With a fifth of British teenagers now classified as clinically obese and facing a lifetime of chronic health problems, one organisation in the USA believes they have the answer to long lasting weight loss success. They offer exercise disguised as fun, and through counselling, get to the bottom of the kids dysfunctional attitude to food.
For the first time, this camp has agreed to take British kids into their programme. The teenagers will spend two months eating just 1200 calories and 12 grams of fat a day, camping and trekking around the Californian wilderness miles away from all the temptations they face back home.