Ice Pilots

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Friday 20 July, 9.30pm

Buffalo joins the stunt flying business, re-enacting a famous WWII bombing raid. Meanwhile, a hole in another plane’s exhaust system forces a pilot to decide whether or not to shut down an engine mid-flight.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Fridays from 13 July, 9.30pm

Young pilots with a taste for adventure come to the Canadian North to earn their wings, flying people and vital supplies to far flung outposts. It’s an impossible job with old-fashioned equipment in a merciless place.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 6 June, 8.30pm

Joe’s daughter Kathy is getting married in Las Vegas and Mikey has persuaded his father to take time off for the first time in seven years. Mike does his best to make sure everything is covered while they’re away. But when Joe gets back he finds that a charter has slipped through the cracks. Arnie and Justin are in Red Deer doing test flights for the risky journey to Turkey, and there’s no one to fly the job. Joe decides to personally fly to Red Deer to vent his anger – and haul Justin back. Justin’s task is to move an impatient Brit, his dog and all his worldly possessions to the remote northern outpost of Paulatuk. But weather conditions are not cooperating and time is ticking to get Justin back and bound for Turkey. Meanwhile, Devan takes girlfriend Jynelle Glenn dog sledding for her birthday – and to talk over his upcoming interview for a job flying for the UN in Africa, leaving them both uncertain what the offer might mean for their future.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 30 May, 8.30pm

Buffalo Airlines mechanic Cory races against the clock to turn two short-haul waterbombers into trans-Atlantic aircraft for the epic journey from Canada to Turkey. It’s up to engineer Adam to get the C-46 crew out of a jam on a remote airstrip in minus 40. And when captain Devan and co-pilot Scott encounter the menace of wind shear at notorious Bear Rock, it’s a hair-raising experience that tests their friendship.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 23 May, 8.30pm

When a power failure leaves Rankin Inlet exposed to the brutal northern elements, Captain Justin races to deliver an emergency generator. Ramp hand Jeremy tries to move ahead of co-worker Audrey by training a new hire from India to replace him. And when the recession nips at Joe’s heels, he tries to broker a $7-million deal that could save Buffalo’s hide. Follow the staff at Buffalo including as they forge ahead despite blizzards, breakdowns and crazy passengers.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 9 May, 8.30pm

Renegade Arctic airline Buffalo Airways defies the cold and the competition by flying WWII-era propeller planes on missions all over the Canadian North. Christmas is just around the corner but Buffalo’s crucial food and mail runs come to a halt. An engine seizure strands Scott, AJ and the C-46 plane, creating a chaotic chain reaction. Crusty mechanic Chuck must attempt a bare-handed engine swap in minus 30, and pressure from customers and co-workers pushes cargo manager Kelly to the breaking point.