Moz has little time for dealing as he has his hands full disposing of a dead body.

Moz is shocked but, while desperately trying to get rid of the body, he has to deal with a

constant stream of visitors. First, Derrick and Yasuko announce that they are getting married; then there’s Jack, depressed and in need a friend; Troy wants a bed for the night; and China wants to sleep with Moz. Moz can’t believe his luck but is forced to decline in order to deal with the body.

IDEAL, Sunday 11th November at 11.30pm


November 4

Nicki does a pregnancy test while Moz has more important things of his own to worry about.

The result of Nicki’s pregnancy test is positive and she is worried, not least because there are three people in the running to be the father!

But Moz has worries of his own when Lee and Jason tell him they are about to release their first single which has a picture of a severed hand on the sleeve.

Moz swears everyone to secrecy about the fact that the hand was found in his flat.

Meanwhile, Troy keeps dropping barbed comments into conversations with Kuldip and PC, to let them know what he saw in the bathroom at the party.

IDEAL, Sunday 4th November at 11.45pm on PRIME


October 28

It’s Moz’s 30th birthday and Nicki has arranged a surprise party at their flat to help him celebrate.

Nicki had forgotten about Moz’s birthday but has managed to buy him a couple of last-minute presents – a tuna sandwich and a packet of Bombay mix from the local shop.To make up for it, she decides to organise a surprise party in the flat. Obsessed with everything being clean,Yasuko starts tidying the flat and finds the secret photographs, but both Moz and Nicki deny that the snaps are theirs.

IDEAL, Sunday 28th October at 11.50pm on PRIME

Moz tries to reconcile his relationship with girlfriend, Nicki, while also coping with the daily demands of dealing dope from his Manchester bedsit.

Nicki realises that her Polaroids are missing and is worried that Moz might have seen them, but he is pre-occupied trying to sell the new gear that PC has supplied.

While trying to have a quiet lunch, Moz is constantly interrupted by customers. There’s Jack, who is still depressed, and then Craig, who continues to stalk Moz.

Colin tries to sell Moz some stolen credit cards but Moz isn’t interested, although he does buy some Polaroids for a fiver, not realising who the people in the pictures are.

IDEAL, Sunday 21st October at 11.45pm on PRIME


In the second episode of this BBC comedy series about a small time drug dealer, Moz (Johnny Vegas) tries to get rid of the rats so that Nicki will come back.

Moz has some new dope, but it is not as good quality as the stuff that Paul reclaimed and his clients are not happy. Craig keeps stalking Moz to buy some gear, but after the confrontation with Paul, Moz is not interested in customers apart from his regulars. Moz arranges to meet China at a nightclub, where his best mate Kuldip is DJing. China, Asia and Daniel all come back to Moz’s bedsit afterwards. When Asia departs with Daniel, Moz is left alone with China – a situation he thoroughly enjoys, but will China feel the same about being alone with him?

IDEAL, Sunday 30th September at 11.30pm

Colin is still on probation but that doesn’t stop him calling around to score some dope from Moz.

A succession of strange people arrive to score from Moz: Leo, the window cleaner (through the window); then Craig, who climbs up the window cleaner’s ladder; and finally a delivery woman who complains about the quality of Moz’s weed. Nicki comes home and gives Moz a hard time about seeing China the night before, but Moz convinces her that nothing happened.

One thing is about to lead to another, when there is a series of phone calls and knocks on them door.

Sunday 7th October at 11.10pm


Award-winning comedian Johnny Vegas stars in this BBC comedy about the finer things in life.
Moz (Johnny Vegas) has been dealing drugs for over 20 years from his small bedsit in Manchester which he shares with his girlfriend, Nicki (Nicola Reynolds). But despite his chosen profession Moz is a man of principles – he deals only in the best quality marijuana and nothing else. Above all, Moz believes he is providing a crucial service to the local community, which pretty much extends as far as his closest friends: Kuldip, an Asian DJ and police constable who is also Moz’s chief cannabis supplier; Jane, the childminder from hell; Brian, a camp scally who seems to have a new boyfriend every week and a man who always wears a cartoon mask, simply known as “Cartoon Head”. The life of a dealer can be complicated, as well as being the local supplier Moz acts as relationship counsellor, detective and all round shoulder-to-cry-on. But he is not without his own problems. As well as trying to seduce the beautiful China while Nicki is away, he finds himself with a dead body to dispose of and with a constant stream of visitors to the flat. Just when things start to calm down Nicki confides that she has something on her mind, and it’s time to share it with Moz.

IDEAL, Sunday 23rd September at 11.30pm