If I had you

I wish TV One wouldn’t put a good drama on opposite an All Black’s rugby match. Do they think people who like quality drama don’t watch sport, or rugby in particular???

Never mind. I have a VCR and will tape the drama.

If I had you has some excellent actors in it, especially the wonderful Sarah Parish. The Brits do select really good actors and especially with female actors don’t just go for a glossy, pretty face and young, under-sized body, but for actors who can bring real depth to a character.


Screening Saturday June 9 at 8.30pm:

If I Had You

A thriller set against the landscape of the Peak District. When D.I. Sharon Myers returns to the hometown she fled years before, it’s only hours before she gets her first case – the body of a schoolteacher in the local reservoir. The grim task of finding the killer is made all the more difficult when evidence starts to point in disturbing directions.