Iggy Arbuckle

Cartoon Network – Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 April, 12.00pm

Meet Iggy Arbuckle, the pig with an appetite for adventure that’s as big as all outdoors. When he hears the call of the wild, he always answers on the first ring. That’s because Iggy is a young, idealistic porker with a mission: to chart, explore, and protect Kookamunga National Park, and all who walk, swim, fly and crawl around in it. In fact, Iggy is so committed that he created the Pig Scouts, an organization dedicated to the preservation and tender loving care of the “Kook.” It doesn’t matter that he and his beaver pal, Jiggers, are the sole members. This dynamic duo will go to any lengths to uphold their duty – even if it means hang-gliding from the lofty summit of Peak-A-Boo, shooting the swirling rapids of River Whoosh, or swinging on vines in the Wet Willie Rainforest all in one day!