Illegal NZ

8:00pm Thursday, August 20 on TV2

Tonight in top rating local show Illegal NZ, journalist/presenter Tony Wall makes a shocking discovery about fraud in our education system.

Fake degrees and falsified CV’s hit the headlines all the time, and tonight Wall goes undercover to investigate and expose the cowboys who are selling out our education system, and who threaten to undermine the qualifications, and education standards in New Zealand.

8:00pm Thursday, August 13 on TV2

Tonight, Illegal NZ’s journalist and presenter, Tony Wall goes undercover and investigates two very different industries, finding examples of one alarming similarity – exploitation.

In this extraordinary expose, Wall uncovers a shocking case of corruption in New Zealand’s fruit picking capital, and goes into the country’s brothels to talk to the women at risk in the illegal sex trade.

With disturbing tales of abuse and manipulation, Wall discovers that some New Zealander’s are cashing in on the vulnerability of illegal immigrants.

Thursday 6 August, 8pm

Tonight on Illegal NZ, journalist Tony Wall uncovers the shocking truth about car theft in New Zealand and investigates who is behind it.

Car theft is an out of control epidemic. Every 15 minutes one of us somewhere in New Zealand will get ripped off by car thieves, and everyone pays. Car theft costs insurance companies $200 million a year and that’s passed on to you through exorbitant premiums and excess.

Tonight Tony Wall goes undercover to try and catch a thief, and hear first hand the tactics criminals use to steal cars.

Thursday 30 July, 8pm

Illegal, unregulated and unsafe, this week, TV2’s Illegal NZ investigates the meat black market, with some shocking discoveries.

Stock rustling is an insidious crime that plagues our countryside. Every three days a farm is targeted and farmers are losing millions of dollars worth of stock. Farmers are going broke, laying off workers, and unsafe meat is entering the food chain.

Illegal NZ journalist and presenter, Tony Wall, delves into the meat trade, investigating the butchers who are selling you meat that could be infected with potentially fatal diseases like Bovine TB. Wall goes undercover to expose the criminals involved in this illicit trade.

Thursday 23 July, 8pm

Tonight Illegal NZ goes undercover to bring you the terrifying truth about illegal steroids.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of performance enhancing drugs are seized by Customs & Medsafe. Well known body builders and gym fanatics have faced serious criminal charges for importing large quantities of illegal steroids into New Zealand. But this is just a percentage of these potentially dangerous drugs that are being dealt on the blackmarket.

Illegal NZ’s determined journalist goes undercover to find and expose the blackmarket dealers who are selling steroids, and through his investigations, discovers some disturbing practises.

Thursday 16 July, 8pm

TV2’s local investigative show Illegal NZ looks at the illegal trade of firearms tonight, in the first of a two part special.

There are approximately 40,000 illegal firearms in New Zealand and the consequences when they fall into the wrong hands are terrifying. On a mission to find out the real story, our determined journalist/presenter goes undercover to investigate the illegal trade in firearms and is shocked by what he finds.

Illegal NZ investigates and exposes the real people behind criminal activity in New Zealand. Using a variety of techniques including undercover work, the latest in surveillance technology, and hidden cameras, we catch people in the act of breaking the law.

Thursday 9 July, 8pm

Illegal NZ is a brand new series premiering tonight on TV2, exposing those guilty of committing insidious crimes.

The series will infiltrate, investigate and expose the real people behind criminal activity in New Zealand. Using a variety of techniques including undercover work, the latest in surveillance technology, and hidden cameras, the show’s investigations cover everything from illegal gun sales, illegal meat rackets, car jacking and steal to order rings, fraud and more. We catch people in the act of breaking the law. This is illegal New Zealand.

We are not yet able to reveal the identity of our determined journalist and first-time presenter, ‘Mr X’. Mr X says his aim was to expose criminal activity, which he did using hidden cameras and going undercover.

“I had done undercover stings for a newspaper before, including going homeless and exposing a homeless marriage for residency racket, but nothing on this scale and there was a degree of trepidation going into it. But once I started, I found that I couldn’t wait to see what we could find,” he says.

“There were some hair-raising moments in the undercover work, when I accidentally slipped out of character, and one time the recording box of the hidden button camera fell out of my pocket, and I had to recover quickly and try to get back on track.”

Mr X explains that while some of the hidden camera stings were shorter, some took months of hard work to gain the trust of the subject, and he had to revisit them many times.

“Those were the hardest ones as the subject would start to get suspicious. But probably the most surprising thing was how willing people were to talk to me, a complete stranger essentially just ‘chatting them up’ about the dodgy activity they were into. It seems many law breakers love to run off at the mouth!”

Tune in to Illegal NZ tonight and find out who you need to watch out for, and discover the identity of Mr X.

If you have missed an episode, full episodes of Illegal NZ will be available free online 12 hours after the show has aired on TV2. Go to and click the ‘on demand’ button.