In Search Of Perfection

Food TV – Mondays from 7 April, 8.30pm

Three-Michelin star chef Heston Blumenthal returns to apply his unique style of ‘molecular gastronomy’ to transform and revolutionise more of the Western world’s favourite dishes. It’s an insight into the mind of a genius, as he breaks familiar dishes down to molecular level then rebuilds them with his unique blend of science, gastronomy and artistry. Heston analyses every component, every ingredient, in a bid to reinvent the way we cook in the 21st century.

NZ TV Premiere: In Search Of Perfection (Monday – Masterchefs)

Food TV – Monday 17 September, 8.00pm

Bacon and egg ice cream. Snail porridge. Chips cooked using a desiccator. Heston Blumenthal’s approach to food is as unconventional as it is original. At his restaurant ‘The Fat Duck’, voted the Best Restaurant in the World 2005 and the Michelin Restaurant of the Year 2001, Blumenthal has had great success with his scientific culinary menus and methods which challenge traditional perceptions of flavours. Now he turns his attention to eight of the UK’s favourite dishes. From shepherd’s pie to fish and chips, each meal is given the signature Blumenthal scientific grilling in an effort to create the most perfect version ever experienced.