Inazuma Eleven

CARTOON NETWORK – Monday-Thursday from Wednesday 26 May, 7.30pm

The Raimon Jr. high soccer team is a weak team with only 7 players. Due to the lack of players, games with other teams are out of the question. The players are just playing around, not even interested in practicing. The team captain Mamoru Endo tries to call the team together, only to have it fall on deaf ears. Mamoru is left to sit back and read soccer magazines, playing games in his mind, as the days dwindle by. A once famous goalkeeper, he is now stuck in a rut, with no where to use his skills. One day, a new kid comes to school. He is Shuya Goenji, and he is a famous striker known for his legendary super shot, “Fire Tornado”. His presence at Raimon brings Mamoru to try and rebuild the team, by getting Shuya to join him. All looked to be working for the best, when it turns out that Shuya quit soccer because of “an incident”.

Even with Mamoru’s insistence, Shuya refused to play. Then from out of nowhere, they receive a request for a game from “Teikoku Gakuen”, and are told that the soccer team will be shut down if they lose. What can captain Mamoru do? This is a story about a weak soccer team about to be shut down, who battle hard to grow into a team.