Incredibly Strange Television

Offbeat film fans around the country will be rubbing their hands with glee at the news that the SKY’s MGM Channel is teaming up with self-confessed movie maniac Ant Timpson to bring his Incredibly Strange taste in film to TV screens with double features and assorted weirdness airing every Saturday night at 10:30pm from November 15.

Welcome to the world of Incredibly Strange Television…

Timpson’s Incredibly Strange Film Festival/That’s Incredible Film Festival has been warping theatre-goers minds since 1994, something which hasn’t been tamed by its infiltration of the annual NZ International Film Festival – this year inflicting gems like [REC], Teeth and Sukiyaki Western Django upon uncomfortable attendees.

Now, Timpson is relishing his chance to reach out into living rooms and wrap Kiwi viewers in the eerie embrace of the Strange.

For twenty straight weeks film fanatics will revel in late night double features that boast themes such as Meyer and the Maniac, Larry Buchanan: Auteur of Awful? and Nature Run Amok as Incredibly Strange Television serves up the most obscure of strange films.

Expect to see flicks from Strange heroes Russ Meyer (Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!), HG Lewis (Wizard Of Gore), Larry Buchanan (In The Year 2889), Joe D’Amato (Absurd) and a bizarre batch of horrors from the dustiest corners of the legendary Shaw Bros vaults – including oddities like Oily Maniac, and more…

MGM Channel Manager, Charlotte Hill says: “The MGM channel embraces the entire spectrum of movie genres, and in the case of Incredibly Strange Television we are proud to give our audience a chance to see rare examples of moviemaking that they haven’t been able to watch elsewhere.”

“It is an honor to team with Ant Timpson and showcase his curatorial expertise and cinematic passion on the MGM Channel” says MGM Networks’ Elizabeth Squires (Vice President, Marketing & Programming). “Genre and niche programming is an exciting way for us to reach viewers who yearn for variety and something different. We look forward to continuing this bold approach to movie programming in addition to broadcasting the traditional Hollywood gems that are the backbone of MGM”.

Enthuses Timpson: “I’m psyched to say that all the films that are scheduled to play during Incredibly Strange Television are not only New Zealand Television premieres, they are all the real McCoy – there are no posers, no phoneys in the bunch – they are from the far reaches of a desolate area. An area that few dare to travel to. An area known as Incredibly Strange Television”.

Incredibly Strange Television double features play Saturdays on the MGM Channel, SKY Digital Channel 23, at 10:30pm from November 15th.

This film series is presented in association with the energy drink V. We thank them for their support.

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