Inedible To Incredible

FOOD TELEVISION – Saturdays from 2 July, 6pm

What to do when the person you love makes meals you can’t stand? Day after day, night after night, home cooks are dishing up food that their family and best friends dread to eat and no one has the guts or the heart to tell them. From heavy and greasy entrees to sickly sweet desserts, one unappetising meal after the next is being served at dinner tables across the globe. Award-winning chef John Besh steps in to right these culinary wrongs. Each episode features a dramatic surprise, when an unsuspecting home cook is confronted by the chef along with the family member or friend who just can’t take the offensive meals anymore. Finally the cook gets to prove to his or her family and friends just how well they can do in the kitchen thanks to Chef Besh’s expert help.