9:30pm Tuesday, July 26 on TV One

A hair-raising new series on TV ONE, Infestedunearths real-life horror stories of homes crawling with critters, over-run with rodents and plagued by pests hazardous to your health… and sanity.

Hell-bent on claiming your home for their own, these invaders conquer through sheer numbers, sustained attacks and the threat of disease or infection, turning homes into battlegrounds and leaving their human victims no place to hide.

Compelling interviews reveal the pain and anguish of living with shocking infestations of cockroaches, rats, bedbugs, scorpions, ants, raccoons, mice, snakes and spiders.

When pests make your home their home, it will never feel the same again!

Tonight, creepy noises from under the floor scare a single mother and her family into believing their home is haunted. But it’s the first sign that rats are taking over the house, running over the sleeping children, and even attacking Mum.

A dream home in the New Jersey suburbs becomes a battleground as a family goes to war against bedbugs – which come back time after time despite expensive extermination treatment.

And a family in Phoenix find their well-watered lush neighbourhood attracts deadly creatures from the surrounding desert. The scorpions like water, and can find refuge inside Arizona homes.