Friday 17th October 10.30pm

Timothy, who just flew back from Iraq, joins his sister to get ‘Big Bro’ and ‘Little Sis’ tattoos.
Another man gets an Amsterdam coat of arms in memory of his late father who was in a concentration camp.
Derek gets a tattoo of a space alien in honor of a wheelchair-bound friend.
And a New York City cop who relocated to Las Vegas gets a tattoo tribute to his friends who died on 9/11.

Friday 3rd October at 10.30pm

Eccentric patrons bare their souls (and more) inside this trendy tattoo parlour, as the worlds first tattoo parlour inside a major Las Vegas casino resort.
In this episode, Hart & Huntington tattoo artist, Big E – a former gang member turned loving dad and current Mixed Martial Art Champion – wants to get back in the cage.
He’s training hard for the moment of truth. But will he defend his title or will his dreams be left a bloody mess in the cage?