Inside Great Magazines

Inside The Great Magazines takes us into the editor’s suite, on location, to the interviews, and the photo shoots of the greatest magazines in the world. The series reveal the brilliance, tensions and conflicts of the people who make these magazines so appealing to billions of readers worldwide. From the established players like Vanity Fair, Playboy, Time, Paris Match, and Rolling Stone, to young upstarts that are defining the cutting-edge like Colors and Vice, the inner workings of these contemporary magazines is captured and revealed. Inside The Great Magazines also explores the evolution of magazines, from their European literary origins to their current popularity and the powerful influence that they have on our social, political and cultural identities today. We experience how the great magazines are run and encounter a world of media barons, savvy editors, world-traveled writers, and edgy designers. We are privy to their debates and witness their creative process as new ideas are molded into reality. The series weaves around three central themes, each exploring a facet of magazines’ influence on us:

Part 1: The Power Of The Image

Magazines are a great common denominator. On their pages, the identity of a society is captured and shaped. This episode explores how magazines define our cultural and personal images and fuel the growth of democracy and consumerism. We go back in time to London in 1731, when Edward Cave introduced the first magazine, and to Paris when L’Illustration presented the first photographs to an eager audience. Soon Vanity Fair was bringing European art to the public and every North American household was reading Life. We’ cover the Valentino haute couture show today with the latest fashion magazine, and go to the South side of Chicago with National Geographic to shoot poverty in the developed world. We learn from the most brilliant editors working today about how they juggle artistic demands with financial constraints and the expectations of their readers to create a great magazine.

Saturdays from 1 March, 9.00pm on Documentary Channel