Inside Islam

Monday April 21 at 10.00 PM

Tonight: Polygamy, honorary murder – a custom where male siblings kill their female siblings who commit adultery – and women’s concealing garments such as the hijab and chador are some of the restrictions on women’s rights … but what do Muslim women really think?

Monday April 14 at 10.00 PM

In-depth documentary series profiling Islam’s followers, traditions, ceremonies and origins. Tonight: Blue Islam on the Silk Road. The story of Islam in Central Asia – the only part of the Islamic world where a Muslim woman in chador and mini-skirt can be seen.

Monday April 7 at 8.00 PM

Tonight: Islam propagation in Africa. Islam is well established in Africa – its land, culture and lifestyle. In Mali, there is an Islamic temple made of clay which requires an enormous amount of work to maintain so once a year they hold the colourful and chaotic ‘Plastering Festival’

A series that takes an in-depth look at the religion and culture of Islam. Tonight: ‘Ashura Moharram’ is one of three important religious events in Islam – a memorial event of Imam Hussein’s death who was the leader of the Shiites.

Monday March 17 at 10.00 PM on Maori Television