Crime & Investigation – Thursday 3 March, 7.30pm

From the nation’s toughest prisons to the elite team that guards the nation’s diplomats, “Inside” takes you behind the scenes and behind the headlines into some of the most dangerous and fascinating worlds of criminal justice and investigation.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Wednesday 3 March, 9.30pm

Deep in Afghanistan’s wild Khost province, doctors battle to save lives every day at Camp Solerno. From marines wounded in firefights, to young mothers in emergency labour, this is extreme ER. The area is a combat zone, but it is also home to thousands of civilians living in harsh mountain landscapes where medical help just isn’t a reality and children can die from the smallest infection. These doctors aren’t combat veterans, they’re young reservists who fly in to serve three months of intense experience in one of the most active hospitals in the world, and have saved literally thousands of lives in the last four years. Follow new arrivals through the baptism of fire – uncovering a 21st century MASH. This is about the incredible and intense nature of emergency surgery and the technological breakthroughs in ER that keep people alive today – all seen through the day to day lives of the men and women in Camp Solerno.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 17 January, 8.30pm

In April 2009, news of US Navy snipers bringing a swift end to a tense stand-off with Somali pirates captured the world’s attention. After failing to seize the Maersk Alabama, the three remaining Somali pirates were dramatically shot dead while holding Captain Richard Phillips hostage aboard a powerless lifeboat. Uncover the details of how the pirates raided the ship in the first place and how the crew fought back, before military intervention brought the crisis to a head and a bloody resolution with three incredibly difficult, simultaneous gunshots fired by Navy SEAL snipers from the fantail of a moving vessel.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Thursday 6 August, 8.30pm

This program follows newlyweds Dave and Anna, as the husband and mail order wife team attempt to make this unconventional form of match making mainstream. Their family business takes American men on a heart pounding and sometimes incredibly awkward journey to find true love in the former Soviet Block. With unprecedented access inside this taboo world, viewers will experience the emotional and bizarre subculture of arranged marriages between American men and Russian women.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Tuesday 16 April, 8.30pm

For gang members in South Central Los Angeles, the “hood” is a brutal war zone, where streets and reputations are defended to the death. Here, gang life has become a tragic part of the culture – as has the cycle of murder and retaliation it nurtures. Over the course of four months inside this violent world, more than 60 LA residents are killed or wounded in gang shootings. Yet gang membership soars to over 80,000 members in the LA area alone. Delve into the lives of gang-involved youths through exclusive interviews and home-made videos filmed by the gang members themselves. With unsettling intimacy, they reveal the startling reality of their “shoot first, ask later” mentality. In this dire world, every death gives birth to a new generation of gang life.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Thursday 2 April, 8.30pm

For many, high school brings football games, school dances, award ceremonies and senior pranks. But for some teen students in New Orleans, their reality – drugs, murder, gangs and guns – is much grittier.  Enter the corridors of Walter L. Cohen High School, where three students and one first-year teacher reveal unvarnished accounts of life in an urban high school in the murder capital of the United States. From violent parties to threats against teachers as well as the tragic murders of four students – at least one shot by a fellow student – personal video diaries and intimate interviews offer a rare glimpse into life at Cohen High.

DISCOVERY CHANNEL – Thursdays from 13 November, 8.30pm

From the nation’s toughest prisons to the elite team that guards the nation’s diplomats, INSIDE takes you behind the scenes and the headlines into some of the most dangerous and fascinating worlds of criminal justice and investigation. Each year more than 14 million people are arrested in the USA, yet most of us have little idea what goes on behind the locked gates and cell doors. This series gains unprecedented access to life inside the walls of America’s jails, charting the trials and tribulations of the professional Corrections Officers and the people they guard.

National Geographic – Friday 11 April, 10.00pm

The National Palace Museum in Taiwan holds the world’s greatest collection of Chinese art tracing 7,000 years of Chinese cultural legacy. The Museum collection consists of some 620,000 pieces. Retrace the steps of one of the emperors who put together the bulk of the collection, one of the men who protected the collection for 16 years during war and conflict and how today’s technology is being used to take the collection to a global audience.