Instant Restaurant

FOOD TELEVISION – Tuesdays from 6 September, 8.30pm

Foodie Nadia Sawahla presents an exciting new series in which amateur chefs open their homes as restaurants for a posse of strangers. In each episode, two cooks who fancy a chance at creating an Instant Restaurant for one night only are pitted against each other. It’s their chance to parade their culinary prowess and restaurant design skills to see if they can handle the challenge – and, better still, make a profit. How they spend their $200 allowance is up to them – just as it’s entirely up to the 10 paying diners in each Instant Restaurant to decide how much they each think their evenings have been worth.

And if either cook fails to impress, that could be nothing. From traditional Punjabi to a Moroccan feast, a Chinese tasting menu to Pan-Asian food, traditional farmhouse fare to classic French fine dining, cooks from all over the UK step into the firing line in a series which celebrates the rich diversity of British cuisine, class, culture and homes. Thrills and spills are guaranteed and not every cook can bring home the bacon.