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CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Saturday 10 April, 6.30pm

There is a rise in female criminality worldwide, and increasing numbers of girls are joining gangs for protection, for profit or just to be down. The raw truth behind why young women are attracted to the gang lifestyle is revealed. From the brutal streets of LA where Gangster Girls prowl to the unrelenting dangers of the urban hoods of South London, Raw provides an intimate look inside the lives of girls on the precipice, some struggling to rise out of the life through an innovative counselling program, others seemingly trapped beyond repair.

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Saturdays from 16 May, 6.30pm

This hard-news documentary series explore penetrating and informative reports on hot-button issues.

Every day millions of parents go to their jobs leaving 60 percent of America’s children to a makeshift system of childcare. Parents place their children in day-care believing that they will be safe and well cared for. But do parents really know who is minding their children? With a lack of quality and poor standards of regulation, childcare advocates point to tragic accidents and instances of abuse. This program examines the fundamental difference between the US and European methods of childcare and how building in background checks, training and technological monitoring can turn a failing system into a quality one.