Ireland’s Crime Capitals

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Mondays from 30 August, 9.30pm

Ireland’s Crime Capitals sees investigative reporter Donal MacIntyre uncovering the country’s most notorious crime hotspots as he travels to cities North and South of the border. In Limerick, MacIntyre uncovers the gangland feud which has claimed the lives of 16 people and tarnished the city’s reputation. In Dublin, he talks exclusively to rioters involved in the Love Ulster riots which left O’Connell Street looking like a war zone. MacIntyre also visits Louth and Monaghan, looking at racism in Drogheda and the role of the IRA along the Monaghan/Armagh border. And finally, he heads to Belfast where he speaks to Northern Ireland football fans about being beaten up by Polish hooligans during a World Cup qualifier at Windsor Park.