Iti Pounamu (NZ short films)

Tuesday January 20 at 9.30 PM

A series of New Zealand short films, news and interviews presented by Ainsley Gardiner and Tearepa Kahi.  Tonight: Letters About The Weather, starring Sara Wiseman, who won a NZ Film Award for best actress in a short film for her performance.  In a future world where virtual fantasy is a way of life, one woman finds passion in a real moment.  Directed by Peter Salmon.

A series of New Zealand short films, news and interviews presented by Ainsley Gardiner and Tearepa Kahi.  Tonight’s feature: Donuts for Breakfast, by Felicity Morgan-Rhind.

Tuesday, January 6, 9.30pm

Tuesday November 25 at 9.30 PM

A series of New Zealand short films, news and interviews, presented by Ainsley Gardiner and Tearepa Kahi. Tonight’s feature: Bus Stop by Chris Graham, director of Sione’s Wedding. This story explores the curiosity many of us have about strangers around us, and what they might be thinking.


Maori Television continues to showcase critically-acclaimed New Zealand short films and filmmakers in the weekly slot, ITI POUNAMU, every Monday at 9.30 PM.

Filmmakers Ainsley Gardiner and Tearepa Kahi are hosting the series which features short films every week followed by a critique from the presenters and interviews with filmmakers or industry professionals. Upcoming films include:

BITCH – Monday November 19 at 9.30 PM: A witty story about instinct and trust. Isabel is in love – everything is perfect in her life except her lover doesn’t like her dog and her best friend’s mother may have cancer. With studio guest, writer and director Fiona Samuel.

THE HILL – Monday November 26 at 9.30 PM: A need for speed brings its own lessons and friendship to two young men. Director Tainui Stephens talks about why he took this project on and how a story should grab you.

I’M IN HERE – Monday December 3 at 9.30 PM: Frank has created the ultimate bathroom – a heavenly place where he can go in peace … if only his family will let him! Followed by TE UTU – Maori mythology animation directed and written by Robert Jahnke.

THE BAR – Monday December 10 at 9.30 PM: Observations of contemporary life – set in a bar. With studio guest, director and co-producer Dorthe Scheffmann.

TRUANT – Monday December 17 at 9.30 PM: Evan rides the bus all day instead of going to school. But when he gets off to follow Romy, she teaches him a lesson about life. With studio guest, director Michaerl Duignan.

SURE TO RISE – Monday December 24 at 9.30 PM: The story of April, a child-like recluse, who finds a broken man in the sand while beachcombing and takes him home to live with her in a fringe dwelling. But this tiny semi-industrial area called Paradise is being threatened by the expansion of industry, and its inhabitants forced to move on. With studio guest, Juliette Veber from the NZ Film Commission.

EGG AND BOMB – Monday January 7 at 9.30 PM: A 3D animated comedy romance. Wilga and Henry’s relationship looks set to go places but first, Henry must deal with some underhand tactics from Wilga’s father, Theo, a chicken-meat entrepreneur.

HINEKARO – Monday January 14 at 9.30 PM: Based on a short story by Booker prize-winning author Keri Hulme. A young woman known as ‘The Apprentice’ discovers her own power once she contacts her spirit guide. With studio guest, director Christine Parker.

KIMI AND THE WATERMELON – Monday January 21 at 9.30 PM: The late Don Selwyn co-directed this delightful story about a little girl, her grandmother, her uncle and a very special watermelon. With studio guest, renowned Maori filmmaker, writer and director Merata Mita.

BROWN SUGAR – Monday January 28 at 9.30 PM: The story of three Polynesian girls confident in their identities who are about to perform their first ‘upmarket’ gig.

A sensational season of New Zealand short films, ITI POUNAMU screens on Maori Television every Monday at 9.30 PM.