Itm Fishing Show Series Premiere

Matt Watson, the man that’s got New Zealand and the world talking, is returning to our screens this week when the highly anticipated new series of the ITM Fishing Show premieres its brand new season on Saturday, April 25th at 5:30pm on 3.

Watson, who has recently appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman thanks to his now famous ‘Gannet Man’ You-Tube clip says the upcoming season will provide something for everyone along with all the thrills and entertainment viewers have come to expect from the series.

“There will be more of the same in terms of the full on fishing action and underwater footage,” he says, “but we’ve gone to some entirely new destinations both in New Zealand and overseas this season.”

One of these exciting new destinations will in fact be seen in this week’s premier episode where the team travelling to Alaska to target the famous giant flatfish.

“I’ve got to say Alaska was like no place I’d ever been,” says Watson. “It rivals New Zealand for beauty, and the fishery is prolific.”

But it’s not just the scenery and fishing that made it a special trip, Watson says that the most northern state proved interesting for many reasons. “It was the wildlife, bears, moose and crazy North American anglers that flock to Alaska when the Salmon are running that made it so unbelievable.”

And the people? “They thought I was a lunatic, but I was equally as amazed by them, they are so different than Kiwi’s, but good people all the same.”

Other than the exciting Alaskan premiere, Watson says that the series will also see much of the undiscovered parts of New Zealand.

“We go on a road trip with our boat in tow, starting right up at North Cape and finishing in Wellington, we tap into some secret spots along the way and not only hook into some epic fish, but we meet some real hard case characters,” he says.

He also reveals that the series will have something for all the fans that enjoyed his recent marlin helicopter stunt. “We’ve got the most epic fishing stunt I’ve ever taken on, marlin from a surf board.”

“So all in all we’ve got laughs, drama, excitement, but most of all, some epic fishing action!”

Make sure not to miss the first episode of this action when Matt Watson and the team travel to Alaska in the season premier of the ITM Fishing Show, screening on Saturday, April 25th at 5:30pm on 3.