It’s A Kind Of Magic

DISNEY CHANNEL – Monday 7 September, 4pm

“It’s a Kind of Magic” follows the life of Willow, a fairy, and her reformed ogre husband George, who are not allowed to get married as per Fairyland rules. They move out to Planet Earth, where they try and fit into society as normal human beings with their children, Tom and Cindy. In the first episode, troubled by the sight of her darling son struggling with homework, Willow wields her wand (without his knowledge) to equip him with a prodigious memory, including a 20 volume encyclopaedia set. Tom surprises himself in class the next day when he guilelessly

produces an erudite speech, before realising his prowess is his mother’s doing. Miss Tinker, convinced he’s an exceptionally gifted child, tries to meet his parents. Panic-stricken, Tom beseeches his mother to un-do the charm. But Willow gets her formulas mixed up, loses her own memory, and ends up persuaded they’re still in Fairyland!