It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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Combs to guest on sitcom

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10:30pm – Sunday, January 22 on FOUR

Entering its highly anticipated sixth season, this week sees the return of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Sunday, January 22 nd at 10:30pm on FOUR. In Paddy’s Pub’s five years of business, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has spawned everything from a major sports arena staple (Greenman) to the musical tour (The Nightman Cometh). Now with the series returning to our screen for its sixth season, the question is: What will the series’ hardcore fans latch onto next? “We never really know what’s going to catch on. We wound up watching that Nightman episode from season four and not really thinking it worked so well and then it just kind of took off,” creator, executive producer and star Rob McElhenney explains. “I had to talk Charlie [Day] into doing the Greeman thing. He didn’t think it was going to work.” The comedy series, which started out as a $200 YouTube video, is entering its sixth season with no detours in sight. The series has not only generated a devout community of fans, but also produced a successful musical, based on the season four finale.

“That’s such an incredible payoff for all the work. Because when you’re in television, you don’t get a chance to see the audience,” McElhenny says. “To see everybody in one room for 6,000, 7,000, sometimes 8,000 people, singing along to everything that you wrote and reciting lines as you’re going along, it just makes you feel like, ‘Wow, people are really watching the show.” But the question still remains – what’s in store for “the gang” in the series sixth season? Find out when It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns to our screens on Sunday, January 22 nd at 10:30pm on FOUR.

10:30pm Friday, November 19 on C4

Four egocentric friends who run a neighbourhood Irish pub in Philadelphia try to find their way through the adult world of work and relationships. Unfortunately, their warped views and bad judgments often lead them to trouble.

Tonight: ‘The Gang Solves The Gas Crisis’. Mac, Dennis, and Charlie invest in barrels of gasoline… and sell them door to door.

10:25pm Friday, November 12 on C4

Four egocentric friends who run a neighbourhood Irish pub in Philadelphia try to find their way through the adult world of work and relationships. Unfortunately, their warped views and bad judgments often lead them to trouble.

Tonight: ‘Mac And Dennis: Manhunters’. Dee and Charlie develop a cannibalistic hunger after mistakenly eating some of Frank’s human meat.

Monday / September 15th / 10pm

The gang is held hostage when the McPoyle siblings barge into the pub with guns and demands. They begin to form alliances and try and figure out the best way to get themselves out of the situation.

However, all of them prove to be disloyal friends who have no problem stabbing one another in the back. While all of this is happening, Frank is stuck crawling through the vents of the pub in search of his will that’s hidden somewhere up there.

Monday / September 22nd / 10pm

Tonight: Dee learns that Ingrid, a fellow loser from high school, is now slimmed down and successful. Inspired by Dee’s childhood dreams of having her own clothing line, Ingrid now runs her own clothing store. Not wanting to be outdone by “Fatty Magoo,” Dee designs a dress and employs Charlie to sew the prototype. This draws the attention of Dennis, who draws up his own fashion plans. Frank and Mac start a sweatshop to manufacture Dennis’ designs to sell to Ingrid, whose disinterest in purchasing them is ignored.

Monday / September 29th / 10pm

Tonight: It’s time for the annual pub crawl, and Paddy’s holds the coveted spot as the final stop of the night. Well, it did until a Korean restaurant decides to sign up for the event. The gang must ensure that they give their customers a better experience than the Koreans can give, including a better microbrew and a better talent competition.

Monday / September 8th / 10pm

Tonight: Frank happily announces that Dennis and Dee’s mom, Barbara is dead from a botched neck lift and pours out champagne. His celebration soon turns to rage when her will stipulates that all of her money is bequeathed to the philanthropic Bruce, Dennis and Dee’s real dad. Dennis and Dee aren’t thrilled either but Dennis is mollified to find that he’s getting the house – on the condition that Frank is never allowed in it. Dee gets nothing. Not even her Jewellery as Barbara has stipulated that she is to be buried in all of her jewellery. Dee plans to dig up her mother’s body and get the jewellery but Frank devises a plan to get back at Barbara.

Monday / September 1st / 10pm

The Philadelphia Eagles are holding tryouts for the public, and Mac and Dennis use this as an opportunity to prove who the better football player is. Dee joins the competition, determined to outplay both of them. Charlie and Frank also get in on the events by tailgating the tryouts. Unfortunately, their plans are disrupted by the McPoyles, who are there to support their brother.