It’s in the Bag

Sunday May 31 at 7.00 PM

Series premiere! Pio Terei and Stacey Morrison team up for the first time to bring back this classic family entertainment show. This week: From the Manawatu town of Bulls. Local contestants qualify with their general knowledge for a chance at the big question; the money or the bag?


TV3’s 23 hour “The Big Night In Telethon 2009”  on August 8-9th will raise funds for KidsCan StandTall – a charity providing shoes, raincoats and food to thousands of kids in low-decile schools.  Those involved include OpShop, Smashproof, Gin Wigmore, Mike McRoberts, Hilary Barry, Carly Flynn, Petra Bagust, Martin Henderson, Karl Urban.  There’s also be a search for New Zealand’s Top Singer in association with More FM.

More on the Lion Man‘s former Zion Wildlife Gardens after the tragic death of tiger keeper Dalu Mncube.

The immense pressure on Britain’s Got Talent finalist Susan Boyle is profiled in the Herald on Sunday.  At the time of going to print, the winner (dance group Diversity) was not decided. Simon Cowell wants to make a movie about Susan Boyle.

Good Morning host Brendon Pongia is a finalist in the Hyundai Code Sports Personality of the Year Award.  He’s up against Conrad Smith, Murray Mexted and Kate McIlroy.  To vote visit

Producer of New Zealand’s Next Top Model responds to speculation that Christobelle has won by saying no decision has been made on the winner – the finale will be filmed tonight but air on Friday.


Deborah Hill Cone reviews new crime show Lie to Me.  She says star Tim Roth gives Hugh Laurie a run for his money as a grumpy genius sex symbol.  “Lie to me is a hot show because it reminds us no matter how smart we get and how many gizmos we have, we’re all just animals – with animal instincts.”

Cliff Taylor reviews Maori Television‘s bilingual version of It’s in the Bag which debuts tonight at 7pm.  Pio Terei says: “Filming in places like Bulls, Levin, Foxton and Shannon was a great experience.  There’s a real energy in those areas, that was proven by the fun we had.  They appreciated us coming and putting on a show.  What you are seeing is real people on TV and people love that.  We had one of the old kuia, the old ladies, and there was no way she was going to take the money.  She was a punter, a gambler, and she ended up winning a potato peeler.  Everyone was real sad for her, but she was really pleased.  She said: “I’ll take this down to the bowling club and talk about it for years!”


Outrageous Fortune‘s Siobhan Marshall is interviewed in Sunday News:

“I would love to do something completely different.  My ideal role at the moment would probably be the opposite to Pascalle.  I want to play someone clever, someone smart.  I’m worried that when Outrageous finishes I won’t get any more work in New Zealand because I’ll be Pascalle.” 

Siobhan says she’s a “nana” who rarely goes out, only wears make-up when working, plays indoor netball and does belly dancing.  She’s planning to travel to Cairns, Samoa and Asia.  She’s currently rehearsing for a play, Little Blonde Hen.

View talks about the return of Ethan Pierce on Shortland Street.  Actor Owen Black says Ethan was one of the most fun characters he’s played but says dead Ethan is a caricature of the alive Ethan.  Anna Julienne, who plays Maia, says “it was almost a reprieve to go completely bonkers!” and says the storyline has been “physically and emotionally demanding”.

Wheel of Fortune’s Sonia Gray talks to Herald on Sunday about suffering from pre-eclampsia while recently pregnant with her twin girls.  The babies were born six weeks early but are now nine weeks old and thriving.

Pacific Beat Street‘s Koryn Dunstan talks books – her favourite is Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, is currently reading Imagining Marketing Art Aesthetics & the Avant-Garde as she’s trying to finish her PhD.  She’d like to read Gogo Mama by Sally Sara.

Dai Henwood talks about his past week’s social diary which included performing his show Shabba! at SkyCity, being interviewed on C4, doing his radio show Saturdai Live and filming for Jono’s New Show.

Stacey Morrison shares a photo of her when she was six with Sunday and talks about her family.

Law and Order‘s Vincent D’Onofrio talks about his role on the show.

Poirot‘s David Suchet talks about playing the role over the past 20 years.

Nicolette Sheridan talks about being axed from Desperate Housewives.  Sheridan complains her character Edie was never added to the opening credits, creator Marc Cherry rarely spoke of her in interviews and her character always had a raw deal.  Sheridan says the show lost a lot of its magic, felt complacent and was frustrating.  Edie may come back in flashbacks in future episodes even though she dies.

Spooks star Richard Armitage talks about his new role on the show.

Who is Advertising?

Outrageous Fortune
Lie to Me


Barry Soper is to marry ONE News reporter Heather du Plessis-Allan later this year.  She will be his third wife.

Paparazzi Photos

Marcus Lush photographed in Ponsonby Rd wearing long baggy jeans and no shoes.

Newly revamped Sunday News thinks it’s important to put on page 5 a large photo of Tamati Coffey inspecting a friend’s car after a bus crashed into it.

Spy’s Blind Items

“Which TV3 star is desperately concerned that a trumped-up young hack will take up the power pen?”

“Which major media player chortled in front of media big-wigs that Media 7 referred to the number of people who watched the show?”

“Which TV star, in his own words, “sleeps with sl**s”?”


Shane and Nerida Cortese are in a dispute with New Idea over their deal for exclusive wedding photos.  Unofficial photos were published in a rival magazine.  The couple are desperate to receive their wedding photos but New Idea says the pair did not meet their side of an exclusive contract.  Shane Cortese is starring in Cats which opens this weekend in Auckland.  He plays Rum Tum Tugger and got fitness training from Monty Betham.  Shane recently returned from Las Vegas, where he renewed his wedding vows with Nerida.


Wendyl Nissen talks about being a reporter on TV show April in the Afternoon.

Gok Wan gives long-haul travel tips.

Every night at 6pm. (Starts Sunday 30 September):

Iconic Kiwi classic It’s in the Bag started in the 1950’s as a Radio New Zealand game show, hosted by Selwyn Toogood.

In the 1970’s it was developed into a popular television series hosted again by Toogood, then later John Hawkesby and Nick Tansley.

Classic phrases such as “By hokey!” and also, “The money or the bag?” slowly but surely entered into the New Zealand vernacular.

TVNZ Family has a fabulous selection of the best episodes hosted by both Selwyn and later, John Hawkesby.

You can see more of It’s In The Bag, and a classic Selwyn Toogood videos streamed on TVNZ ondemend.

Note that TVNZ Family has other Kiwi classics for you, such as Country Calendar , and coming soon – Wonder Dogs!

About the show:

One of the shows key points of difference at the time and an aspect of it’s success, was that the production team went on the road to a different town each week, and the set was assembled into a local community town hall.

The contestants were down-to-earth locals who came to watch the show live, who were up to answering three general knowledge questions.

If all three questions were answered correctly, one had the chance to play for “The money or the bag?!”

The presenter would then offer a dollar value and the contestant could either take the money now and leave, or the bag.

The bartering for the bag would then continue until either the money was taken, or reached a limit where then the contestant would win the prize in the bag.

The prize would be extremely valuable, or a contain booby prize worth much less than the money offered.

Great classic tele!