It’s Me Or The Dog

Wednesday 10 December, 7.30pm

It’s Me Or The Dog finishes tonight with a one-hour special that sees Victoria Stilwell visiting two pint-sized pooches who are out of control.

Peanut the Jack Russell treats his owner’s house like a toilet and is ruining her chances of romance. Merseyside single mum Lorraine Kenny decided to get a cute little puppy when she was recovering from breast cancer. Three years later, Peanut has taken over the household, peeing and pooing wherever she wants and driving friends and family away with her aggressive behaviour.

Secondly, Victoria goes to the rescue of a fraught family at the mercy of a little dog with a big Napoleon complex. With six kids and five dogs, the Miles family certainly can’t be accused of taking it easy. But when they decided to take on rescue terrier Toby, life suddenly got a whole lot more complicated. He chews; he poos; he fights; he bites; he has a hatred for tall men; and he’s leading the rest of the pack into his bad ways. Owners Peter and Louisa are at the point where they will have to rehome him, but the kids would be devastated.

Can Victoria tame tiny tearaway Peanut before it’s too late? Will the littlest hobo Toby be saved from being sent back to the pound? Watch tonight’s one-hour finale of It’s Me Or The Dog, at 7.30pm on TV ONE.