It’s Me or The Dog

LIVING CHANNEL – Saturdays from 1 January, 6.30pm

Parachuted into homes where the pet is running riot and the family is in the dog house, dog training expert Victoria Stilwell arrives to restore order in these hour long specials. Through observation, interviews and secret filming with a ‘pet cam’, Victoria assembles her evidence and diagnoses the problem. A clear practical training programme ensues, offering pet and owner the chance to change the bad habits of a lifetime. It’s Me Or The Dog is the definitive guide for pet owners offering them transformational and hands-on advice that puts pets in their place and owners back at the head of the household.

LIVING CHANNEL – Saturdays from 25 September, 6.30pm

Back with an all new series! Parachuted into homes where the pet is running riot and the family is in the dog house, dog training expert Victoria Stilwell arrives to restore order. Through observation, interviews and secret filming with a ‘pet cam’, Victoria assembles her evidence and diagnoses the problem. A clear practical training programme ensues, offering pet and owner the chance to change the bad habits of a lifetime.

7:30pm Wednesday, July 7 on Prime

Reality Series

Girls vs. Boys

The Shelton family is desperate for the help of British Dog Trainer Victoria Stilwell. Their Toy Poodle Junie B hates the boys in the household and everyone in the family has taken sides. Andrea and Joe bought Junie B as a gift for their 11-year-old son Spencer. But when the dog made her dislike for him clear, Mom and daughter Abby stepped in and have formed a close bond with him. Junie B has bitten both the boys in the family and she growls whenever dad comes near her, making it difficult for him to get into the marital bed! To make up for the boys’ rejection by Junie B, the family decided on getting 2 more dogs – Apple and Zuzu. Although the new additions are loyal companions, they gnaw and chew on everything from chairs to fences – and Spencer and Joe have lost interest in them. The Sheltons have gone from being a tight knit family to a household divided. Can Victoria help them discover their identity, and bring this divided household together again?

7:30pm Wednesday, June 30 on Prime

Reality Series

Untamed and Untrained

British dog trainer Victoria Stilwell pays a visit to Frank and Elaine Rakoczy and their four dogs. Garmon, a Spaniel Mix and Olivia, Golden/Yellow Mix belonged to Elaine before Frank came into the picture. Once Frank moved in, the couple got two more dogs, Rex and Sophia, two untrained, un-socialized German Shepherd, Hurricane Katrina rescues. Ever since, the mix has been explosive! The couple has experienced some huge dog fights with Sophia constantly being picked on by Olivia. Things have gotten so bad that poor Olivia has been sequestered away in a spare bedroom for the last two years! Elaine is overwhelmed. She has given up on the dogs and leaves Frank to do the majority of the work by himself. He barely has time to take care of the dogs’ everyday needs, let alone spend any time training them. Frank works from home, but with the dogs so uncontrollable, it’s impossible for his business partner to come over.

Frank has reached breaking point not only with the dogs but also with his wife. Their personal problems and bickering have gotten out of control – they desperately need help.

7:30pm Wednesday, June 23 on Prime

Reality Series

Monstrous Mutts

Star trainer Victoria is called in to help TV host Holly Firfer tonight. Holly and her husband Shawn can’t control their two dogs Kasmir and Barnsley, and it’s leading to major fights. Kashmir is a one year old Pit Bull/Bull Dog mix and Barnsley is a one and a half year old Black and Tan Coonhound. Holly and Shawn are complete opposites when it comes to dealing with their dogs. Ever since they brought Kasmir home, they have had nothing but problems. She licks everything in sight, digs holes in the backyard trying to escape – and she’s chewed up their immaculate home, causing over $10,000 of damage.

Holly’s job in TV makes for a very busy life attending social events several nights a week. She says she doesn’t have the time to deal with the dogs and wishes Shawn would take control. He’s much more laid back about the situation and thinks Holly is overreacting. Holly is at her wits end and no longer has guests round to the house because she’s so embarrassed with the damage and Kashmir’s licking. Can Victoria get Holly and Shawn on the same page so that they can fix their dogs’ problems – and their own?!

7:30pm Wednesday, June 16 on Prime

Reality Series

Wild & Wacky Weirmaraners

Trainer Victoria comes to the aid of Debbie and Todd Rodgers and their family of Weimaraner dogs: Yaphit, Skye and Hoss tonight. The dogs are wild (Skye bites), wacky (Hoss can get into cupboards) and the pack keeps on growing. But things didn’t used to be this way. For most of their seven-year marriage, Debbie nagged Todd to get a dog. When she finally got her way, they picked Yahpit, a six-year-old Weimaraner. But, Debbie didn’t stop there. Her love for the breed grew stronger and stronger and she became President and founder of the local Weimaraner rescue association.

As a result the couple now has three permanent Weimaraners – and these are regularly supplemented with foster dogs too. Todd only ever wanted one dog, but now he has to put up with Debbie’s four legged friends all over the furniture and in his bed. Debbie’s intense involvement with the dogs means the couple rarely spend time together – they sleep in separate beds and bicker over the animals and how to care for them. Todd’s not the only one getting frustrated – Debbie’s family are fed up with the dogs ruling her life and they rarely visit her. When Victoria arrives, she discovers that Debbie’s many commitments to the Rescue mean she isn’t meeting many of her dogs’ basic needs. Can Victoria teach Debbie to focus on the dogs – and people – closest to her, before it’s too late….?

7:30pm Wednesday, June 9 on Prime

Reality Series

Not So Great Danes

When one of the Dombrosky family’s beloved Great Dane’s died, Rick decided to get Harley as a replacement to help the family work through their grief. Towering over six-feet tall and weighing more than 130 pounds, Harley has since taken over the house and has become a daily source of stress and embarrassment for Rick and wife Jodi. Harley is constantly jumping, stealing food off the kitchen counter tops and using the carpets as his personal bathroom. And he has wedged his way into the couple’s king size bed! As a result, Rick and Jodi have not been able to be intimate for months, and if Jodi even tries to push him out of the bed, Harley growls and nips at her. The family’s social life has also taken a hit, with Jodi too embarrassed to invite guests over because of Harley’s hidden ‘deposits’ and her home’s foul smell (not to mention the fact that Harley steals food right off the table).

Jodi and Rick constantly argue about how to handle Harley. While Rick finds it difficult to discipline a once-abused dog, Jodi is fed up. With their 24-year marriage on the line, Jodi has served Rick an ultimatum – if Victoria can’t train Harley, he has to go.

7:30pm Wednesday, June 2 on Prime

Reality Series

Fickle Five

British dog trainer Victoria Stillwell pays a visit to an engaged couple, Deena and Scott and their five Pugs: Milag, Huggie, Joey, Lily and Apple. The pack of pugs have an unhealthy habit of eating dog poop; Huggie, the four year old, bullies the others and eats their food which has resulted in a serious weight problem, and Joey, the eight year old, still isn’t potty trained. Deena is the primary caregiver and feels that Scott isn’t as emotionally invested in the pugs as she is, or in solving the problems. Their relationship is strained due to Scott’s lack of participation in caring for the dogs, and Deena is at a loss. Can Victoria come to their aid, get the pugs’ ‘diet’ under control, and get this soon to be married couple on track to marital bliss?

7:30pm Wednesday, May 26 on Prime

Reality Series

Triplets Of Terror

Internationally renowned British dog trainer Victoria Stilwell pays a visit to Debbie Maslia, a single mother afflicted with Chrohns Disease, her 12 year old daughter Stella, and their three dogs: Delia, a grossly obese beagle; Iggy, a high strung Italian Greyhound; and Sampson, a three year old Boxer. These undisciplined dogs are preventing friends, and even her own father, from coming over to the house to visit.

Due to Debbie�s illness, she is constantly fatigued and unable to keep up with the demands of a house full of animals. But even though Sampson has knocked her down and pulled her down the staircase, Debbie refuses to re-home him, as Sampson is daughter Stella�s favourite dog. Debbie has reached her limit and has nowhere to turn. Will Victoria be able to help them keep Sampson? Or is he simply too much for this family to handle?

7:30pm Wednesday, May 19 on Prime

Reality Series

Boxed In

Internationally renowned British dog trainer Victoria Stillwell comes to the aid of two committed animal owners, Danee and Camille. They are in distress over their latest rescue, Cooper, a three-year old Boxer who is the newest addition to their ever growing menagerie: two cats, two elderly Boxers, and one diaper wearing French bulldog who is not yet housebroken.

At home, Cooper is a sweet and loving dog, but once outside the house, Cooper turns into a snarling maniac who is ready to attack. Neighbours in their dog friendly community are fearful to let their dogs off the leash around him. Danee and Camille are at a loss and are scared that if they don’t get the behaviour under control, he will soon be condemned a dangerous dog.