Jack Osbourne: Mongol Rally

the BOX – Saturday 31 October & 7 November, 8.30pm

Going away for Christmas? A leisurely drive up the coast, a mad road trip with your mates, a never ending haul to the family bach – wife & kids in tow? Regardless of what you are doing, it’s got nothing on spoilt brat Jack’s Mongol Rally!

In this dirty old road trip, Jack begins an outlandish journey in his ‘heap of sh*t’ Fiat Panda with his co-pilot, Jamie – young, good looking and witty – and a convoy of four more pals, including LA girl Amyryllis, chirpy cockney Tommy, Howard the mechanic and Becky from Jack’s series ‘The Recruits’.

Together they sneak, bribe, cheat, connive and generally out-wit the world to get themselves to Ulan Bator whilst enduring four weeks of poor, back-breaking suspension, dodgy Russian mechanics, riotous impromptu parties in Kazakhstan and power-crazed Uzbekistan border officials!

Over 10,000 miles, through nineteen countries, over five mountain ranges and through two deserts – it puts your road trip to shame. Heading away again for New Years? Take the scenic route…leave your spare tire at home, pack nothing but a pair of stubbies, detour through Gore and you may just scratch the surface.