Jackie Thomas

UntilTheLast Goodbye_JackieThomasBREAKING NEWS: The X Factor NZ season one winner Jackie Thomas, is releasing a new single.

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922098_696822010344311_638391608_oHere’s a press release we received this afternoon about Jackie’s forthcoming music video.

Director Anna Duckworth and producer Alix Whittaker were approached by Sony Music the evening of Friday 26th July to concept, shoot, and edit a music video for the new winner of X Factor – an exciting challenge for the two young ladies. Their ambition and courage spurred them forward, and with the help of a small crew of dedicated friends, the two managed to pull the entire video off in one week!

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Yesterday we were accused of unfairly comparing the debut week single sales of TV talent show winners Jackie Thomas and Ben Lummis.  The suggestion that Ben’s record breaking hit that was certified 4x Platinum practically came from a bygone era is something we don’t buy into.

In the first week after winning New Zealand Idol in 2004, Ben’s They Can’t Take That Away was certified triple platinum.  That’s at least 30,000 units.  For Jackie Thomas, it was at least 5,000.

The following graph shows the actual range of sales for both singles based on how they were certified.  As you can see, they are oceans apart.


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If there is anything good to be said about Sony’s handling of the X Factor post the show it’s that they appear to actually be doing something.  Unlike Idol where things floundered and then vanished, Sony appear to be taking their role seriously and the fact that 3 of the finalists have now released singles suggests that auditioning for a second season might be worthwhile after all.  I’ve always suggested that the success of the series came down to how committed Sony were going to be to the contestants post the show.  So far things seem to be panning out better than I had expected.

First, Jackie Thomas release her winners single, It’s Worth It and then runner up Whenua Patuwai release his debut single Something Special. This morning, third place getter Benny Tipene release his debut single Walking On Water which has gone straight to number one on iTunes.

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On winning The X Factor, Jackie Thomas went straight to number one on iTunes and then when the New Zealand Top 40 came out on Friday, It’s Worth It also debuted at the top spot and was certified Gold.

While this appears good news, it should be highly concerning.  In 2004, Ben Lummis was dumped by his label which site cite poor sales as a major factor in the decision.  The problem for Jackie is that Ben Lummis debut single They Can’t Take That Away was certified triple platinum in it’s first week.  That equates to at least three times as many units sold, if not six times.

Time will tell…

I imagine it’s going to be a chart face off between X Factor NZ winner Jackie Thomas’ “It’s Worth It” vs the new single “Best Song Ever” from X Factor UK stars One Direction.


We had the starry eyes
then everything aligned
where did the butterflies go
we were the racing hearts
couldn’t be torn apart
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XfactorlogoThe X Factor NZ is heading to Christchurch, Greymouth and Palmerston North this week as Grand Finalists Whenua Patuwai, Jackie Thomas and Benny Tipene each visits their hometown for some last minute support and inspiration.

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