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Love her or hate her, Jade Goody was impossible to ignore. She was a dental nurse who shot to fame in the UK series of Big Brother 3, but the show that made Jade nearly caused her downfall. JADE, a documentary series which follows the girl from Bermondsey as she is now: single mother, business woman and cancer victim. News of Jade’s diagnosis broke while the show was in production. No stranger to living in the public eye, this documentary shows the woman behind the magazine covers. Goody’s hectic home life and her relationship with her sons is examined, as well as her new business venture: a military style fitness boot camp. The girl who trained for the London marathon by eating curry, Chinese and drinking will have to road test the course herself.

When filming with Jade Goody for the fly on the wall documentary, what started as an insight into the life of one of the UK’s best loved faces quickly turned into something no one could have predicted with Jade’s shock cervical cancer diagnosis. Viewers shared Jade’s pain as she bravely went on camera to give us the devastating full story of her illness. The series sees Jade invite viewers into her life, and gives people the chance to see the drastic changes she has had to make as she came to terms with her disease, undergoing a hysterectomy, and embarking on cancer treatment. Despite her illness, Jade’s resilience shines through as she meets with Bishop Jonathan Blake to discuss her wedding ceremony and partakes in a typically girly hen night with her loyal bridesmaids at home. In addition, the series follows the groom as he and his friends try on their wedding suits and indulge in a stag night and cameras accompany her devoted mum Jackiey to Harrods to pick out the perfect outfit for mother of the bride. From a group tooth whitening session with her bridesmaids to a private helicopter transfer from her house to the hotel, Jade lets nothing stand in the way of her big day! The lovebirds originally planned to tie the knot in Jade’s garden – they even put up the marquee – but as the terms of Jack’s curfew were relaxed by Justice Secretary Jack Straw for their wedding day, the happy couple were able to hold their big day at the stunning 14th Century Down Hall Country House in Hertfordshire. The cameras follow Jade as she, despite being in crippling pain, walks down the aisle with her grandfather John Caddock to the emotive sounds of Canon in D by Pachelbel. In addition, the programme also includes the moving ceremony from start to finish including the signing of the register by the new Mr and Mrs Tweed. Jade’s spirit refuses to be dampened by her illness and her famous sense of humour and fun shine through with some classic Jade comic moments that remind us all why she is so unique and loved. Lauded and lambasted in equal measure, Jade Goody is still a fascinating example of celebrity and one of the most discussed reality TV stars of the past decade. That alone makes this one to watch.