Jail: Las Vegas Jailhouse

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Thursday 5 January, 8.30pm

Las Vegas Jailhouse is a half-hour series from the producers of COPS and JAIL that gives viewers unprecedented access to life inside the walls of one of America’s busiest correctional facilities, where we walk along with professional Corrections Officers as they do what they do best: maintain order while being confronted by an unending stream of newly arrested suspects.

Las Vegas Jailhouse inmates might be arrested for something as minor as a parking ticket, or as serious as Murder 1. Many share the common but misguided belief that whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Like COPS and JAIL, this new program is shot in a video-verite style – there are no actors, scripts or re-enactments, and the only narrators are the officers themselves.

Las Vegas Jailhouse offers an utterly realistic window into a world that’s normally hidden from view, where we encounter stories and characters that are as compelling as they are real.