James Martin’s Brittany

FOOD TELEVISION – Wednesdays from 29 July, 7.30pm

In this entertaining series combining delicious food with travel, the amiable chef James Martin travels to Brittany, retracing the journey he made as a student cook and cooking classic French cuisine, with a British twist. Joined along the way by fellow British chefs The Hairy Bikers, Laurence Keogh and Martin Bluno, James starts each day with a visit to the local market where he samples and buys the freshest produce and picks an atypical spot in which to prepare his food. As a result, every dish he prepares is 100% spontaneous and showcases the best of the French scenery. With mouth-watering recipes, witty banter and breathtaking scenery, this is a series to inspire both food fans and travellers alike.

SUNDAY 7th June 7.00pm


James is back in Pornic, the seaside town where he trained and worked when he was fourteen. Then, as now, the summer brings a bonanza of delicious local strawberries from the surrounding farms. Also in the town’s market, guest chef Martin Blunos finds some beautifully fresh scallops and shrimps for his “fishy heaven” dish of scallops with shrimp butter, and James prepares his special Pornic strawberry tart – with the few strawberries they haven’t eaten!

SUNDAY 31st May 7:00PM


With the trailer still parked up near Vannes, James and Martin Blunos find the über-fresh seafood in the old Les Halles de Poissons catches their imagination. Loaded up with a fabulous trawl of fish, bread, vegetables and herbs, they head back to the campsite to cook up a variation of a classic French dish. Pot-au-feu is usually made with meat and vegetables but James and Martin make a creamy seafood version. Having also sourced some ale from the local brewery, they also prepare a delicious dish of cod cheeks in beer batter and a sharp home-made tartare sauce provides the perfect accompaniment.

SUNDAY 24th May 7:00PM


James is joined by his friend and fellow chef Martin Blunos for a dawn raid on the fish and vegetable market in the attractive old town of Vannes. Back at the outdoor beach kitchen, they cook up a tasty dish using monkfish tail and James also has a recipe to lift the humble (and cheaper) mackerel to new heights. And after all that healthy fish, it is time for a waistline-threatening trip to the local pâtisserie kitchen to sample some sweet desserts.

It is the Hairy Bikers’ last day with James in Brittany, and the lads park up their trailer near the market at Pont-Avens, 14km East of Concarneau. Just inland from the tip of the Aven estuary, this small port was where Gauguin came to paint in the 1880s before he left for Tahiti, and today it is packed with art galleries. 

At the market, the lads find dew-fresh vegetables and plump local chicken. James demonstrates to how to peel an artichoke, before the explorers return to base camp to prepare a delicious vegetarian risotto and a dish of poached chicken with goat’s cheese salad. James also visits the La Motte cheese factory to see how the locals make their cheese.

Sunday 17th May 7.00pm on PRIME

James and his chums The Hairy Bikers return to the pretty coastal town of Concarneau to enjoy the wide variety of ultra-fresh seafood displayed in the market. The John Dory fish and the spider crabs look particularly delicious, but Madame Chaze’s pâtisserie in the Place St Guinole looks wonderfully tempting too. 

Back at their trailer, James and the boys prepare the John Dory with a buerre noisette sauce and spice up the spider crabs with an old recipe from Singapore. Who says the British can’t teach the French a thing or two about cooking?

The amiable chef travels to Brittany, retracing the journey he made as a student cook in an effort to rejuvenate classic French cuisine, with a British twist.

In this first episode, James Martin invites celebrity chefs Simon King and Dave Myers (better known as The Hairy Bikers) to stay overnight in his trailer before visiting Concarneau in France. Concarneau is an important fishing port and its market (Les Halles) is well stocked with fresh seafood, meat and vegetables. 

With bags full of langoustines, fresh local apples and pork, they head back to their campsite to prepare the ultimate prawn cocktail and a mouth-watering pork and apple dish, cooked with local cider from the Manoir du Kinkiz at Quimper. Why does food always taste better outdoors?

Sunday May 3 on PRIME