James Martin’s Champagne

FOOD TELEVISION – Mondays from 24 May, 9pm

James Martin used to visit Champagne with his father to collect wine. Join him as he returns to explore a region at the culinary heart of France to mingle with the locals, buy the best fresh local produce, and cook it outdoors with guest chefs Daniel Galmiche and Lawrence Keogh. The journey begins in the City of Rheims, where Joan of Arc famously met the French king – and where James and Frenchman Daniel now encounter juicy local lamb, smoked garlic and a colourful selection of mushrooms in the local market. They also go hunting for truffles – also known as black gold – and a chocolate Labrador helps to dig up these exquisite treasures. Join James and friends on this culinary tour, tasting regional delicacies along the way such as traditional prune liqueur – Prunelle de Troyes – which has been brewed by the monks since the middle ages.

7:00pm Saturday, March 20 on Prime


In the final episode of this series, James visits a vast “pick your own” farm where he finds mouth-watering apples. Back at the trailer, parked up in a lush field, James prepares a French apple tart with quinces, honey and hazelnut crème fraiche. Delish! The dish perfectly complements the pan-fried pork loin, which is served up with a spoonful or two of their anise-spiced squash delight. Anyone feelin’ hungry?

7:00pm Saturday, March 13 on Prime


In this series amiable chef James Martin embarks on a journey through Champagne to mingle with the locals and perfect his traditional French dishes. Tonight after a very fruitful stop off on the high sloping sun-drenched vineyards, James and Daniel taste and partake in the Champagne grape harvest. Using fresh fish from the local market James and the boys get cooking!

DID YOU KNOW? James reached the semi-final of popular BBC entertainment format Dancing with the Stars in the UK. A man who knows his way around the kitchen and the dancefloor…sigh!

7:00pm Saturday, February 27 on Prime


In tonight’s episode, we find James off the beaten track in Aix-en-Othe, a small town in north-central France. James is again joined on his road trip by good friend and fellow chef, Lawrence Keogh. They visit the town centre’s busy market and find plenty of stalls carrying inexpensive local produce and delicacies, including some fresh guinea fowl which they take back to their open-air kitchen in the woods to serve up pan fried guinea fowl with mushrooms, smoked bacon and baby onions.

Next, they’re off to Chaource, a town famous for its distinctive soft cheese. The town’s ancestors have been providing milk for local cheesemakers since medieval times. Nowadays, it’s all a long way from being a cottage industry with the introduction of factories, but it’s certainly not over-staffed. After tasting a variety of different cheeses, James and Lawrence head back to the trailer and prepare a cheese platter to die for, including baked Vacherin and Chaouice with spiced walnuts and fig chutney.

7:00pm Saturday, February 20 on Prime


In tonight’s episode, guest chef Lawrence Keogh joins James as he visits the city of Troyes. Not only is it famous for its amazing liquor but it also has a great selection of food on offer. James and Lawrence are on the look-out for something special at Troyes’ indoor market – and find greengages, a type of plum used mainly for desserts.

James also visits a famous Monastery distillery where Alexandra Crumenash enthusiastically maintains the traditional method of producing Prunelle du Troyes – a prune liqueur brewed by monks since the middle ages. James creates a fabulous dessert using the ingredients he has collected – cinnamon and plum fritters served with greengages flambeed in prune liqueur – a treat for those with a sweet tooth!

7:00pm Saturday, February 13 on Prime


Amiable chef James Martin returns to our screens as he embarks on his latest journey through the Champagne region of France, to mingle with the locals and perfect his traditional French dishes.

Starting out in the city of Rheims, James and guest chef Daniel Galmiche encounter juicy local lamb, smoked garlic and a very colourful selection of edible mushrooms in the local market. They also hunt for truffles in the beautiful autumn woods where chocolate Labrador Angie digs for the black gold. The truffle flavours James’s dish of fillet of beef with wild mushrooms, while an envious Daniel cooks a pan full of fried lamb, rich Provençale vegetables and smoked garlic.