James May’s Man Lab

7:30pm – Monday, December 26 on TV 3

James May’s mission to save modern man comes to an end in this week’s James May’s Man Lab season finale, screening on Monday, December 26 th at 7:30pm on 3. Leading up to the series’ premiere, May revealed that modern men are “useless”, which is why he set out on a personal mission for “man to become useful and resourceful again”.

“I think women are getting a bit bored with blokes being useless,” May explained about why he felt James May’s Man Lab was a necessary series in today’s times. “I keep reading that women are better at school and now better at parking, better at navigating.”

“And we are sort of laughing at it going, ‘Ho ho ho, I’m just a bloke’, but really in my lifetime men will only be required to keep sperm at operating temperature and they will have no other functions.”

“The decline of practical skills, some of them very day-to-day, among a generation of men is very worrying – they can’t put up a shelf, wire a plug, countersink a screw, iron a shirt,” May added. “They believe it is endearing and cute to be useless whereas I think it’s boring and everyone’s getting sick of it.” So has he managed to change this? Find out in the James May’s Man Lab season finale, screening on Monday, December 26 th at 7:30pm on 3.

7:30pm – Monday, October 31 on TV 3

James May is on a mission to save modern man in 3’s James May’s Man Lab, premiering on Monday, October 31 st at 7:30pm on 3. He already presents one of television’s most testosterone-fuelled shows, but now James May is undertaking a quest to turn himself into more of a “real man”.

Thirty years ago men were a resourceful, practical and dependable band of brothers, but not anymore. Today’s man has lost the once-familiar skills all men had – the skills to build things, make things and mend things. Now with James at the helm its time for man to become useful and resourceful again… Among the skills James May’s Man Lab will be teaching today’s men will be how to “woo a lady” and how to defuse a bomb.

“Modern Man is in crisis,” May explains. “He has degenerated from the redoubtable pillar he became through centuries of refinement and slipped resignedly into the popular depiction of himself as a witless under-achiever, incapable of looking after himself or those around him.”

“Man Lab is designed to reverse the rot.”

At the heart of the series is James’ Man Lab itself. This is the show’s headquarters, where James and his team spend the backbone of the series perfecting their man skills. In each episode there is also a guest celebrity D.I.Y. spot, in which stars attempt a tricky practical test of their manhood, such as building some flat pack furniture, hanging wallpaper, and changing a flat tyre on a car. James also ventures away from the Man Lab to set an example to his team by facing a breathtaking test of courage and skill.

Make sure not to miss all this when James May’s Man Lab premieres on Monday, October 31 st at 7:30pm on 3.