Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

7:30pm Tuesday, October 19 on TV One

Welcome to beautiful Huntington, West Virginia, population 50,000, and recently named ‘The Unhealthiest City In America’. In a place where nearly half of the adults are considered obese and incidents of heart disease and diabetes lead the nation, one man – Jamie Oliver – is going to try to start a food revolution.

Jamie explains why Huntingdon was chosen as the destination for his food revolution in America, “the results came out that this town was the most unhealthy town in America. This is a government statistic based on death.”

Jamie feels both excitement and trepidation about his newest food challenge, “I know I can make a difference to this area. And part of me is really excited, and part of me is really scared. But I want this area of West Virginia to be proud that the food revolution started here. Huntington is a big town and I’m one man. So to get all the locals to know why I’m here, what I’m going do, and how I’m going do it, I’ve got to get out there.”

Jamie begins by going on the local radio to tell the locals why he is here and what his goal is, but the local radio host isn’t happy about an out-of-towner tell telling the people what to do.

Next he decides to meet a local family, “I wanted to meet with real families and teach them how to cook and rediscover their kitchens. I’m going start with this one family, grassroots, and let it grow and grow and grow, and that is how you start a revolution. Real people, real change,” says Jamie.

As he comes up against increasing barriers in the community, including the local newspaper, Jamie begins to feel despondent about the enormity of his mission, “It’s quite hard to cut through negativity always and defensiveness. I give out massive time that is really compromising my family because I care.”

In Jamie’s Food Revolution, Jamie tackles the schools, the fast food industry and the restaurant industry in Huntingdon and aims to begin a food revolution across America.

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