Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals

5-30pm-avgAfter losing Home and Away, TV3 have struggled to make anything work in the 5:30pm timeslot that leads into their news bulletin.  Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals was down 80% on what HAA had been delivering but it’s still been the best choice of what’s been on offer so far.

Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals had an average of 55,486 viewers during the series while Celebrity Masterchef was down 19% on that to 45,166 viewers per episode.  Big Brother Australia, which started on Monday and screens from 4:30pm, is already down 4%.  Granted, we’ve only had two episodes though, the average audience is well below where the other shows started. Continue reading »

celebrity-masterchefJamie’s 15 Minute Meals was Mediawork’s replacement for Home and Away after losing it to TVNZ due to their receivership.  The season run ended on the 11th of October with the average audience per episode only a little over 55,000 viewers.  Home and Away had been drawing an average audience of 255,008 viewers on average in the two weeks leading up to the change so the overall loss is around 80%.

Changes were inevitable and last week, Celebrity Masterchef took over.  The final week of Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals drew an average audience of 51,574 viewers while Celebrity Masterchef managed to boost the numbers insignificantly by merely 176 viewers to 51,750.

TVNZ had a serious problem at 5:30pm for years but it was never this bad.

home-and-awayTV2 built the audience further for Home and Away last week, lifting the average audience since the transition from TV3 by a further 2% this week to 285,756 viewers per episode.  This is an overall 11% increase in Home and Away viewers on TV2 compared to the 258,587 viewers per episode that TV3 had in the three weeks prior to the the change.

The average audience for 3News fell again this week, down to 257,818 viewers per bulletin.  This means that the 3News audience is now 20% lower than it was before TVNZ snuck off with one of Mediaworks’ prized shows.

The 5:30pm timeslot for TV3 continued to depress with Friday seeing Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals slumping to it’s lowest rating so far.  With only 28,440 viewers, it surely must be moments before TV3 decide they need something else there.  (Can anyone say The Simpsons?) Continue reading »

home-and-awayIt initially it didn’t look too bad for TV3.  Then the numbers started to dwindle.  Third week in and there must be a certain degree of consternation at flower street.

In the three weeks prior to Home and Away moving to TV2, TV3 had an average audience of 258,587 viewers in their 5:30pm time slot.  For the last three weeks, the average audience for Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals, which replaced Home and Away on TV3, was 61,629 viewers.  This equates to a 76% drop in audience for that time slot.

Since moving to TV2, Home and Away has increased in viewers by 8%; an average audience increase of 21,293 to 279,780. Continue reading »

With two weeks of ratings data, we’ve taken a look at how Home and Away’s move from TV3 to TV2 has impacted the ratings.  Initially it hadn’t looked too bad for TV3 with the first night seemingly not really having much of an impact at all.  However, as we know, it is the trend over time that is important.

Firstly let’s take a look at what has happened with Home and Away.  In the two weeks prior to shifting to TV2, TV3 had an average of 255,008 viewers per episode for the Australian soap.  With the channel change, TV2 have managed to increase the audience by 15% with an average of 293,740 viewers tuning in.

Replacing HAA at 5:30pm was Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals.  Remembering that the two weeks prior to the changes, TV3 were enjoying a lead in to 3 News of 255,008 viewers on average, the new cooking show has been an enormous step backward with the average audience for each episode being a miserly 59,816 viewers, a rather significant 76% drop. Continue reading »

TV3’s new 5:30pm lead in for 3 News, Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals, is not off to a good start.  Opening with an average audience of 78,460 viewers on Monday night, Tuesday saw almost a quarter being shed to 60,830.

3 News had a 16% drop on Monday with 284,790, and 22% on last Tuesday.

Home and Away picked up 340,020 viewers for TV2, again well higher compared to how the show was rating on TV3.

Last night saw Home and Away return to TV2.  The much loved Australian drama had regularly been touted by those at TV3, who had been screening the show up until Friday when their rights came to an end, as the lead in that delivered a strong 25-54 audience to 3 News.  I’ve never believed this argument.

The move to TV2 was certainly good for the show.  With the third highest ratings of the night for the channel, the average audience of 352,670 was the highest rating episode since the 28th of June, 2010.  This bodes very well for TVNZ.

TV3’s replacement at 5:30pm though did not perform so well.  Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals drew an average audience of only 78,460.

In comparison, last Monday saw Home and Away draw an average audience of 254,990 for TV3, meaning a loss of 176,530 viewers.

So how did this rather significant loss of such an apparently important lead in to 3 News impact on the 6pm ratings?  Let’s take a look. Continue reading »

jamies-15-minute-mealsAfter their receivership cost them Home and Away, TV3 have taken a different approach to the lead in to the evening news bulletin with a cooking show.  I can’t say this is a bad decision.

Jamie Oliver is coming to TV3 weeknights, with Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals screening at 5.30pm, Monday to Friday from 19 August.

Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals condenses Jamie’s trademark simple, unpretentious and delicious food into 15 minute bursts as he prepares two inviting family meals back-to-back in each half-hour episode.  Continue reading »

7:00pm – Saturday, December 15 on TV 3

This week sees the premiere of Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals, the brand new series in which Jamie Oliver pushes the concept of fast, everyday food to the next level by preparing two, exciting family meals back-to-back in each 30 minute episode. Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals premieres on Saturday, December 15 th at 7pm on 3. In addition to two 15 minute meals, Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals will see Jamie reducing the calorie content of the dishes so that viewers can confidently serve a nutritionally balanced meal to their family every day of the week. In his usual, trademark, down-to-earth style, Jamie will take audiences through the dishes in real time, with produce easily bought from supermarkets, using key kitchen equipment and offering hints and tricks to help the everyday home cook get something to the table that’s a cut above your average mid-week fare.

Make sure not to miss this when Jamie cooks chilli con carne meatballs; and sticky kicking chicken, watermelon radish salad and crunchy noodles in this week’s Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals season premiere, screening on Saturday, December 15 th at 7pm on 3.