Jamie’s Kitchen Australia

Jamie Oliver and his good mate Tobie Puttock are opening the first Fifteen restaurant in Australia.

In 2002, Jamie Oliver came up with a novel idea to train 15 underprivileged young men and women as chefs and open ‘Fifteen’ restaurant in London, where these young trainees were given the opportunity to change their lives forever.

The television documentary Jamie’s Kitchen captured this journey – from the trials and tribulations of Jamie finding and building the restaurant; the selection, training and graduation of the first intake of trainees; as well as the personal demands on Jamie’s time.

Now, after many years of planning, the ‘Fifteen’ training program has been launched in Australia under the supervision of Fifteen London’s original head chef, Tobie Puttock. With the guidance and advice of Jamie Oliver and the Fifteen London counterparts, ‘Fifteen Melbourne’ will be established. This new series will document the inspiring stories that evolve from the selection and training of the first Australian group of ‘Fifteen’ trainees.

Jamie Oliver says he couldn’t resist the chance to start up the ‘Fifteen’ programme downunder. “I jumped at the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of young people in my own home town; how could I pass up the chance to be part of something as special as Fifteen Melbourne?”

In the first episode, the selection process for 20 under-privileged trainees begins along with the hunt for the perfect Fifteen restaurant site.

Saturday 8 March 7.30pm on TV1