Jeremy Clarkson

IF YOU WERE to list the phrases used the most often by people who call in to Newstalk ZB, ‘It’s political correctness gone mad’, would come out on top. In fairness, it would have stiff competition from ‘rates are too bloody high’ and ‘back in my day we didn’t have [insert thing they don’t understand here]’. The red-faced, double denim wearing king of complaining that ‘Political correctness is going mad’ is Jeremy Clarkson.

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It makes me laugh when celebrities use their position to embark on an escapade of destruction of another celebrity. Case in point, recently canceled talkshow host Piers Morgan and his ongoing spat with Top Gear host, Jeremy Clarkson.

Rather than writing something useful, Morgan used his Daily Mail column to further his personal grievance.

Morgan began his column by describing how Clarkson “vented his spleen in a manner so blatant in its seething pettiness and jealousy that even his own readers were appalled”.

He continued: “Should I point out that the pot-bellied, rotten-toothed, fag-stinking oaf has never himself been able to work in America because he is considered ‘too ugly for TV’ – the exact words used by the NBC executive (a friend of mine) who interviewed and rejected him when Top Gear was launched there?”

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