Jeremy Kyle

12:30pm Tuesday, August 10 on TV2

Brand new episodes of Jeremy Kyle begin on TV2 today, with more emotionally charged and heart-rending real-life stories.

In the first of a new series, the talk show host meets Tony, who is desperate to stop his teenage daughter, Rebecca, from having a gender reassignment surgery. For the last two years, the 17-year-old teenager has slowly been transforming into a more masculine guise, and now wants to be called Ben. She’s adamant she wants the reassignment surgery as soon as possible, but Tony’s determined to stop her making a rash decision at such a young age. Unable to communicate, the family come to Jeremy Kyle as a last resort.

Later this week, Kyle looks at the celebrity scandal surrounding Pamela Anderson, and meets a guest who is threatening to disown the man who could be their father.

Weekdays, 12.30pm on TV2

All new episodes of Britain’s most talked about chat show, Jeremy Kyle, continue their run, each weekday on TV2.

The UK’s most watched and controversial talk show, presented by Jeremy Kyle, continues with never-before-seen episodes. The show tackles issues head on, dealing with family and relationships, and taking a frank look at the every-day conflicts that affect people’s lives. Not afraid to say exactly what he thinks, Jeremy believes the only way to solve a problem is through honesty, openness and frank talking.

Starting the week off, Jeremy meets a woman offering her ex-partner an ultimatum – if he will admit he wants her back, she’ll reveal whether he’s the father to her child.