Jersey Shore: Afterhours

Premieres on Tuesday 13 April @ 10.30pm

Jersey Shore became an overnight sensation after its debut in the United States and has become one of MTV’s “must see” television shows thanks to a little Italian heat and some spectacular confrontations.

The lives of “guidos” and “guidettes” on Jersey Shore has been mind boggling since its debut – complete with fights, Italian-American glamour and truck loads of hair gel. MTV doesn’t stop the action when an episode finishes and this month we’re bringing you a behind the scenes chat with the full cast, where episodes are dissected and actions are examined.

Jersey Shore: Afterhours brings all the goss, the dirt and the dishy hook-ups from behind the scenes of this hit show. If there’s one thing Jersey Shore continually proves, it’s that things always get heated.

Tune in and see what all the fuss is about on Tuesday April 13 at 10.30pm.

MTV – Tuesdays from 13 April, 10.30pm

If you can’t get enough of the Jersey Shore crew (and let’s be honest, who can?), MTV brings you the Jersey Shore after hours specials, where you can catch up on all of the drama and behind the scenes goss from the latest episodes. Get ready for the dirt to be dished on hook-ups, dramas and fights that are part of daily life at the Jersey Shore. And remember, its Jersey Shore things are bound to get heated!